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Quotes: Throw It In
"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."
Bob Ross, The Joy Of Painting

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."
Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle

"You can fix it or you can feature it."

"In London I acted as interpreter between the Bird and Claire Bloom when she was about to take on the role of Blanche... "What happens after the final curtain?"

The Bird sat back in his chair, narrowed his eyes. 'No actress has ever asked me that question.' He shut his eyes, thought. 'She will enjoy her time in the bin. She will seduce one or two of the more comely young doctors. Then she will be let free to open an attractive boutique in the French Quarter...'

'She wins?'

'Oh, yes,' said the Bird. 'Blanche wins.' The result was splendid. Claire gained greater and greater strength as the play proceeded and, at the end, she leaves for the bin as for a coronation. Audiences cheered, not knowing how one psychological adjustment, made in the smoke of one cigarette at dusk, had changed the nature of a famous play."

"All that was written for me to do, was to sort of shrug my shoulders and drink. I said, 'Man, if there's ever a time when Martok would say something in Klingon, at least to himself, it would be then.' So I said, 'If that's the intent then let me just say 'Humans! Pah. Ka DiJaQ!' which means, 'Humans, go figure!' So that's what I did."
J.G. Hertzler on his final appearance in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"In an episode titled "The Enemy Within," an evil Captain Kirk terrorizes the Enterprise, and Spock is tasked with subduing him. He was supposed to do this by throwing a haymaker and knocking Kirk straight out. Despite being given a golden opportunity to punch William Shatner right in his enormous head, Spock declined, saying it was out of character. And here is where, in fact, Leonard Nimoy proved that he understood the character of Spock better than the people who wrote for him."

"The Chase is about what happens in a small town when they hear a local boy/prisoner Bubber (Robert Redford) escape from prison. Yeah, the character’s name is supposed to be Bubba, but because Marlon Brando kept saying Bubber they just made it his name. Anyway..."
Miles Antwiler on The Chase (1966)

"Even Troughton seems to be fed up with the story. At one point he's forced to argue that the problem the Dulcians are having with the Dominators is that they're not realizing that the Dominators are completely alien... The Dulcian points out that the Doctor is an alien too. Now, in the episode Troughton responds laughing and saying "you got me there." But fire up the episode and listen to his delivery. It's an incredibly fast response — the only moment I've ever seen Troughton flagrantly step on someone's dialogue. What I'm implying here is that the line sounds improvised — like Troughton snuck it in because he was horrified at his own dialogue and desperate to undercut the idea that the Doctor could be such a xenophobic prick."

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