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We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.
Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

You can fix it or you can feature it.

In London I acted as interpreter between the Bird and Claire Bloom when she was about to take on the role of Blanche... 'What happens after the final curtain?'

The Bird sat back in his chair, narrowed his eyes. 'No actress has ever asked me that question.' He shut his eyes, thought. 'She will enjoy her time in the bin. She will seduce one or two of the more comely young doctors. Then she will be let free to open an attractive boutique in the French Quarter...

'She wins?'

'Oh, yes,' said the Bird. 'Blanche wins.' The result was splendid. Claire gained greater and greater strength as the play proceeded and, at the end, she leaves for the bin as for a coronation. Audiences cheered, not knowing how one psychological adjustment, made in the smoke of one cigarette at dusk, had changed the nature of a famous play.

Whatís funny is that the line was a joke and now itís become iconic. I just did it one take to make the director, Luc Besson, laugh. The previous takes, Iíd just gone, 'Bring me everyone,' in a regular voice. But then I cued the sound guy to slip off his headphones, and I shouted as loud as I could. Thatís the one they kept in the movie. When people approach me on the street, thatís the line they most often say.

All that was written for me to do, was to sort of shrug my shoulders and drink. I said, 'Man, if there's ever a time when Martok would say something in Klingon, at least to himself, it would be then.' So I said, 'If that's the intent then let me just say 'Humans! Pah. Ka DiJaQ!' which means, 'Humans, go figure!' So that's what I did.
J.G. Hertzler on his final appearance in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Mark Hamill: (to director) Now, he's gotta do one of his rejoinders that we can use. No Star Wars references, no 'dropping soap in the shower' references...
Tom Wilson: Oh-kay. Alrighty then. I'm tryin' to give you some good pieces.

The special effects are embarrassing enough to make modeling clay suicidal, and there are more clever plot twists on a dildo's storage instructions. The Golden Child is more disrespectful to Tibet than the People's Liberation Army of China. What's awesome is that Eddie Murphy thinks it's as stupid as we do. He mocks every line, prop and character he encounters. They could probably release nine hours of deleted scenes where Eddie Murphy turns the camera to tell his agent to fuck himself.

Chris: Mike orders a pizza and Don skateboards through the sewer to join him to wait...the thing I really like about this bit, though, is that thereís a shot where Mike pokes himself in the mouth with a popsicle stick while heís chatting with Don. Iím sure it was unintentional and more a product of the fact that itís hard to have hand-eye coordination when youíre in a latex turtle suit, but it actually really humanizes the characters. Mikeís distracted and talking and looking up at the sewer grate, so of course heís going to miss his mouth. Itís something a real person would do, and itís the kind of thing you can only really get when youíre doing practical effects like this.
Matt: Sometimes accidents make things better.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

The diner scene between [Jackie] Gleason and [Burt] Reynolds wasnít in the original script. It was Gleasonís idea and like most of his other ideas throughout his career, it was a damn good one.

(The man agreed to do not only Smokey and the Bandit Part II, but also Part III and The Sting Part II in the same year, so nobodyís perfect.)

The Chase is about what happens in a small town when they hear a local boy/prisoner Bubber (Robert Redford) escape from prison. Yeah, the characterís name is supposed to be Bubba, but because Marlon Brando kept saying Bubber they just made it his name. Anyway...
Miles Antwiler on The Chase (1966)

You could not have personalities like the "Nature Boy" Rick Flair, and I always go back to the "Macho Man" Randy Savage—one of my favorite promos of all time—you could never have guys like that today. Because they would script them. You could never have the Nature Boy, you could never have the Macho Man saying lines like, "You're a couple of ASH-holes." Can you imagine that? Can you imagine scripting Ox Baker with the fucking heart-punch? (Obviously you could never talk about "those Japs".) "Two men have died from dis heart-punch!" Back in the day, you might've given them bullet points; I doubt they did even that. You let them be themselves. And that's it. You let them come up with who they are, and you let them GO.

And yeah, lots of times, they embarrassed the shit out of themselves. Booker T? He came up that "HOAK HOGAN WE CUMMIN FOR U [redacted]!". A lot of the most infamous, shitty promos in the world came from that. But. You got the Macho Man. You got the Million Dollar Man. You got Dusty Rhodes. You got so many great promos outta that. You got Terry Funk. Some of the most rambling, incoherent dickheads ever to come outta wrestling, but man, you wouldn't trade them in for the world. If you scripted them? Wow. You'd strip them all of identity.

And if you let Roman Reigns be Roman Reigns, who knows, man? Who knows what they could become? But you'll never know. You'll never know now, 'cause you write lines like "Sufferin' succotash, son!" Or, "I'm gonna cock this fist and make it REIGN all up in dis bitch."

Welcome to ego central! Having successfully removed the Master from the series full time because he felt that Roger Delgado was muscling in on his territory, Pertwee now has to content with the scene stealing antics of Troughton and the effortless command of Hartnell! It is hilarious when you learn about the behind the scenes clash of personalities, especially the idea of Troughton improvising his script as he goes along and throwing Pertwee off his game who has learnt his to the letter! ...I love his furious reaction to his predecessor's constant upstaging, the second Doctor refusing to let his successor get a word in edgeways.

In an episode titled "The Enemy Within," an evil Captain Kirk terrorizes the Enterprise, and Spock is tasked with subduing him. He was supposed to do this by throwing a haymaker and knocking Kirk straight out. Despite being given a golden opportunity to punch William Shatner right in his enormous head, Spock declined, saying it was out of character. And here is where, in fact, Leonard Nimoy proved that he understood the character of Spock better than the people who wrote for him.

"NOT written by us, but brilliantly ad-libbed by Nathan Lane in rehearsal. Since it's gotten such a huge laugh at every show, we've taken full credit for it."
Mel Brooks & Tom Meehan, annotation in The Producers: The Book, Lyrics, and Story Behind the Biggest Hit in Broadway History!

"The guitar sound in the middle section of 'Echoes' was created inadvertently by David plugging in a wah-wah pedal back to front. Sometimes great effects are the results of this kind of pure serendipity, and we were always prepared to see if something might work on a track. The grounding we'd received from Ron Geesin note  in going beyond the manual had left its mark."
Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, on the making of "Echoes"

"I always wanted to play two bass drums but I always said to myself, 'No, I'm not gonna be one of these wankers who goes on stage and has two bass drums and never even fuckin' plays 'em'. Not until I can play 'em. So I got this other bass drum and I used to get to rehearsals a couple of hours before the other guys and just practice, you know, just sit there going like running, or something like that. I was actually playing that riff, just trying to get my coordination right, when Eddie and Lemmy walked in, and I was just about to stop and they went, 'No, don't stop! Keep going!' And that was how Overkill got written."
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor on "Overkill" by MotŲrhead

(stumbling over his words) Arin, that one-or-five things you said are all of my favorites. (looks at script) What- But should we first get back to doing Game Grumps first? (Beat, he bursts out laughing) Can we use that?