Quotes: Throwing Your Sword Always Works

"Since when are you just supposed to throw a sword, anyway? I mean swinging it at your enemy would have worked nicely, but no! He [Prince Myer] throws it. And where the hell does he get all these swords?"

"Only Porthos could invent a new way of disarming himself."

"Ever try just throwing something at a guy with a hostage? Of course not, who the hell does that? But that is exactly why it works every time."

"Huh, I guess arrows are for sissies, real men throw swords."
Graham, Unskippable

[Rincewind] drew his sword and, in a smooth overarm throw, completely failed to hit the troll.

"That's how we throw our swords away in Ware."

". .What?"
Kyle and the Director, "Hearts Of Dorkness"

"It's a gun, Frank. A gun that shoots swords."