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Wrestling: The Great Muta
The Great Muta, (Real Name Keiji Mutoh B. 1962) is a Japanese Professional Wrestler who Debuted in 1984. He is well known and regarded for his with New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, WCW, and many other promotions. Currently he is the head of his own promotion, WRESTLE-1, which shares a working relationship with TNA.

Keiji Mutoh has had numerous success both as himself and as his alternate character, The Great Muta which he is best known as to modern fans and is known as a legend and instantly the person Western Fans think of when they think about Japanese Wrestling. (A close second being Jushin Thunder Liger) Hailed as The Son of The Great Kabuki (Kayfabe) he quickly rose through and became one of the top stars through the 80s, 90s, and still competes to this day. Multi time numerous IWGP World and Tag Champion as well as former Television and WCW Tag Champion and numerous other titles and reigns. He was inducted into The Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame in 1999.

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Tropes related to the Great Muta:

  • Bad Ass
  • Bald of Awesome: Shaved his head in The 2000s.
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Cool Mask: In his original Great Muta character, he often wore elaborate robes with hoods or masks to the ring, ESPECIALLY in Japan.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: When Muta first debuted in WCW, he was hated as your average Bad Guy and booed. But after a few months and wowing audiences with his skills and moveset the crowd was showing their support to him and often cheering him when he came to the Ring.
  • Face-Heel Turn: In 1997 Muta returned to WCW brought in by Sonny Onoo to get revenge on Masahiro Chono, but instead during the match he attacks Onoo and accepts Chono's shirt offer joining The New World Order
  • Facial Markings: Wore face paint with markings and symbols on them.
  • Finishing Move: The Moonsault and The Shining Wizard.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: During a match with Jushin Thunder Liger, Muta ripped off part of Liger's outfit as well as his mask, only for Liger once he had done so to reveal his face covered with face paint similar to Muta's and to spray him with Green Mist into Muta's eyes.
  • How Much More Can He Take: There's a reason The Muta Scale is named after him after his legendary brutal match with Hiroshi Hase. Not for the faint of heart.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Muta in his prime was not only fast and quick but he was also strong as well.
  • Mask Power: Started to wear a Mask instead of his Face paint after he shaved his head when he adopted his Muta Persona.
  • Red Baron: Was introduced as The Pearl of The Orient during his time in WCW
  • Start My Own: Formed his own Promotion, Wrestle-1 after leaving All Japan and taking many wrestlers with him when he did.
  • Still Got It: In 2001 many believed that Muta's career was over as all the years were taking a toll on him. But he disagreed, eliminating his high flying offense which had put such a strain on his knees, Muta then switched to a more technical and submission style of wreslting and made The Shining Wizard (A running leaping knee to a kneeled opponent's head) his finisher and was voted as 2001's Wrestler Of The Year.
  • Super Spit: For those who wonder where the term Asian Mist comes from, look up videos of him as The Great Muta. His infamous Green Mist is his most well known and feared technique he possesses as you never know when he can hit you with it.
    • And he's not above spitting out different colors and variations either, sometimes it's green, red, yellow, or (rarely) black.
    • It was originally known as the poison mist when introduced to professional wrestling by the Great Kabuki, which is why the USA came up with the kayfabe Wrestling Family for two men who otherwise wrestled completely different styles.
  • The Rival: Numerous rivals over his career; Sting and Masahiro Chono are probably the two best examples.
  • The Stoic
  • Worthy Opponent: Sting and Muta's rivarly starting in WCW has lead them both to growing to respect one another, leading to them teaming up on occasion.
    • Same with Chono, the two having teamed up to win The IWGP Tag Belts as well.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Was not above striking or misting a female if he had too, Missy Hyatt was twice sprayed by Muta in the face by his Mist.

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