Frog Men

"There's no society of anthropomorphic frog people living in the sewer, Freeman. You're just being paranoid."
Gordon Freeman, Freeman's Mind

A Sub-Trope of the Beast Man, the Frog Men are humanoid (you know; two legs, two arms, one torso) but with frog-like traits. They are often depicted with Fingerless Hands, big Buggy Eyes and Hairless Green Skin. Like Fish People, they can live both on dry land and under water, but unlike the former they normally stay on dry land.

As frogs and toads are very common in Talking Animal fiction, take care that the example is about a fictional race of frog-like creatures and not about a character that is just a frog and talks or even sings.

Unlike their cousins, the Lizard Folk, Frog Men do not always suffer from the Reptiles Are Abhorrent stereotype (partly because they aren't actually reptiles), and thus can often be portrayed as heroic. However, due to the common Good Animals, Evil Animals/Unpleasant Animal Counterpart dichotomy, the ones based on toads are more likely to be evil or at least unpleasant than the ones based on frogs are.

While they are usually distinct creatures, this trope may overlap with Lizard Folk, Fish People or both as a side-effect of some authors disregarding or not recognizing the distinctions between groups of "cold-blooded" animals.

Part of the Petting Zoo People Super Trope. Compare with Bewitched Amphibians when a human is turned into a non-anthropomorphic frog or toad.


Anime & Manga

  • Marvel's Amphibius, a supervillain mutant and former member of the Swamp Men, is a humanoid frog.
  • The Frog Men, a very powerful group of foes faced by the B.P.R.D. in Hellboy.
  • A whole kingdom of these are the villains in the first story of The Eternal Smile... until it turns out the whole thing is just the protagonist's Happy Place to escape his crushingly abusive home life. Specifically, the frogs represent the death of his biological father, who caught salmonella while studying frogs.

Film - Animated

Film - Live Action
  • Star Wars:
    • The Hutts, of which Jabba is the most famous member, are toad-like in appearance, though they're legless like a tadpole.
    • The swamp-dwelling Gungans also have frog-like characteristics, such as webbed hands and feet, a broad mouth with long sticky tongue, and an amphibious lifestyle. Boss Nass, their green-skinned, overweight leader, looks particularly toad-like.
    • The Mon Calamari are a cross between Frog Men, Fish People, and crustaceans — complete with bug-eyes and big mouths. They're also powerful members of La Résistance.
    • The Bufopel, first introduced in The Last Jedi, are hulking toad-like humanoids with great strenght. One is seen as a patron of the Canto Bight casino.
  • The Cult Classic B-Movie Hell Comes To Frogtown is about a post-apocalyptic world with very few fertile men and an entire sub-race of mutated humanoid Frogs kept in a ghetto due to Fantastic Racism.


Live Action Television
  • The Narn in Babylon 5 have a Frog-like appearance (but they are actually Marsupials).
  • Farscape:
    • The toad-like Hynerians, who also happen to be amphibious.
    • The Sheyang look like giant anthropomorphic toads and they explode if shot.
  • The Folterseele in Grimm is a race of frog-like Wesen. They cause extreme sexual attraction in human form (thus causing them to be often victims of rape attempts) and they secrete a very poisonous toxin in self-defense. Another Frog-like Wesen never seen on camera but shown in one of the books is the Fossegrim
  • An episode of Lost in Space has a fro-like alien. As it is A Very Special Episode with An Aesop about not judging a book by the cover, obviously the frogman is misstrusted by the family and specially Dr. Smith, whilst Penny sees him as his true self, opposite to the real bad guy; a golden-looking handsome alien.

  • Freeman's Mind: Discussed by Freeman in Episode 28, mocking all the people who called him paranoid, listing it among other things he's been ridiculed for believing in such as mindreadng owls and aliens, as he guns down invading aliens with an MP5.

Mythology and Folklore
  • In Egyptian Mythology, Kek (and his Distaff Counterpart Kauket) had the head of a frog. The deity experienced a resurgence in popularity during The New '10s due to association with the Pepe meme (mentioned under Web Comics below) and the use of "KEK" as an alternate form of "LOL" (deriving from rendering "LOL" into Horde speech in World of Warcraft).
  • The Loveland Frog of Ohio is an alleged frog-like humanoid which measures over 1.2 metres tall and was first sighted on 1955. In 1972, a police officer shot a large animal that turned out to be an iguana with a missing tail, seemingly putting an end to the mystery. Nonetheless, the Loveland frog is still one of Ohio's most beloved mythical characters.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons. The game has had several frog-like humanoids over the years.
    • The blindheim is a four feet tall frog-like humanoid. It is colored various shades of yellow and has huge eyes that send out a searchlight-like beam.
    • The grippli are intelligent, 2 1/2 foot tall humanoid tree frogs. They can swing through trees by grabbing the branches.
    • Slaad are giant (6-10 feet tall) bipedal frog-like beings from the Chaotic Neutral outer plane of Limbo. The slaad masters (Death Slaadi and Slaad Lords) can be summoned by saying their names.
    • Bullywugs are a species of short, squat humanoids resembling large bipedal frogs. They are typically Always Chaotic Evil (literally, although sometimes they're Neutral Evil instead), living in disorganized and backwards bands in swamps and marshes and attacking those who wander into their territory.
  • Warhammer Fantasy: The gargantuan froglike slaan were the original servants of the Old Ones, now the ancient leaders of the Lizardmen. Those still alive are the most powerful mages on the world (hell, one of them's dead and still one of the strongest mages), dedicated to fighting Chaos and carrying out what fragments of the Old Ones' plans they can find. Unfortunately, they're so long-lived their plans fail to take into account things like evolution and continental drift, hence their accidental destruction of the dwarf empire by shifting some mountain ranges back or trying to get the high elves, wood elves and dark elves back on the same island (never mind that they hate each other).
  • Pathfinder: Boggards are short, evil humanoids resembling large upright frogs, with no society beyond crude tribes living in muddy villages deep inside swamps and rainforests. They typically resemble common frogs, although those inhabiting tropical regions often have bright colors resembling those of poison arrow frogs. They start their life as tadpoles hatched in birthing pools, slowly growing in their limbs and climbing out of the pools once fully grown. They typically worship Gogunta, the demon lord of swamps and amphibians, and ally themselves with amphibian-like monsters such as froghemoths.

Video Games
  • Battletoads: A videogame about anthropomorphic heroic alien toads.
  • The toad-like Krogan in the Mass Effect franchise.
  • Chrono Trigger: Frog is a (short) human-sized frog, who still carries his clothes and weapons from before his Baleful Polymorph. When you first meet him, he's still depressed, but by the end of the game he's come to realize that his new shape has a lot of advantages (several of his techniques make use of his tongue and jumping ability), and he's turned back in the main ending.
  • Dwarf Fortress:
    • Amphibian men resemble bipedal frogs with arms, and are around a third the size of a dwarf. They live is small tribes deep Beneath the Earth, and if hostile will attack your dwarves on sight with poisoned spears and blowdarts. They are also one of the types of animal people capable of moving underwater, giving them the ability to swim up your water cisterns and plumbing system and wreak havoc in your fort.
    • There are also two types of frog people found aboveground: green tree frog men, small green humanoids with frog heads that live around lakes and swamps, and toad men, dark green toad-headed people found around stagnant water. Like all aboveground animal people, though, these two types do not display any real intelligence, and are essentially bipedal animals.
  • Ribby and Croaks, two frogs in boxing gloves, fit the bill quite nicely in Cuphead.
  • Croak from Battlerite is a humanoid frog with a variety of frog-related powers such as secreting venom that can be applied to his blades or spit at enemies, invisibility, and, of course, leaping long distances.
  • Although the Zora from The Legend of Zelda are mostly Fish People, they also have a few similarities to frogs. Majora's Mask establishes that they hatch as small tadpoles before eventually growing into their four-limbed adult forms, while Twilight Princess shows that, like real frogs, they can travel across land alright but will get dehydrated quickly when away from water too long.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • The antagonistic toad-like Wartmongers in The Smurfs.
  • Battletoads was a failed animated show based on the videogame, but only the pilot was made and the series was not picked up. As the videogame is about three heroic humanoid toads.
  • The Kineceleran race in Ben 10 are frog-like, except for the tail.
    • The Incurseans, first introduced in Ultimate Alien, are a militaristic species of humanoid amphibians who have clashed against Ben and his buddies on multiple ocasions.
  • Frog-Man, a one time villain that the ThunderCats (1985) faced, was an anthropomorphic frog.
  • The animated Doctor Who serial The Infinite Quest has Ulysees Meregrass, a mercenary who belongs to a sapient species of humanoid amphibians named Anurans.
  • Buff Frog from Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a large humanoid frog monster.