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Wrestling: The Midnight Express
Condrey, Rose, Paul E.

Cornette, Eaton, Condrey

Eaton, Lane

The Midnight Express were a Professional Wrestling Tag Team from the 1980s. It started in Alabama when "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey started teaming with "Ravishing" Randy Rose. After feuding with Norvel Austin and various partners, Austin turned heel and joined with Condrey and Rose. They spent some time in Memphis before returning to SECW. The team split in 1983.

Condrey and "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton formed the second version after Eaton was traded from Memphis to Mid-South. It was here where they started their epic feud with The Rock N Roll Express. The MX had a brief run in World Class before jumping to the National Wrestling Alliance in Charlotte in 1985. They feuded with the RNRs and The Road Warriors until Condrey surprised a lot of people in 1987 by leaving without really giving notice. This led to "Sweet" Stan Lane, formerly of The Fabulous Ones, replacing Condrey after Jim Crockett brought him in after closing down Florida.

Meanwhile, Condrey and Rose had reformed their team in the AWA with manager Paul E. Dangerously. They surprised everyone by jumping to the NWA to feud with Eaton and Lane and manager Jim Cornette. Cornette's team ultimately won the feud, sending Condrey and Rose away. The MX left after 1990, with Lane eventually going with Cornette to set up SMW.

Today, Condrey/Rose/Eaton/Lane still get together in various combinations to compete at legends shows and on the indy circuit.

Among their in-ring achievements: They were 2x NWA (Mid-Atlantic) World Tag Team Champions (1x Condrey/Eaton, 1x Eaton/Lane), 1x AWA World Tag Team Champions (Condrey/Rose) and 3x NWA (Mid-Atlantic) United States Tag Team Champions (Eaton/Lane).

Not to be confused with Midnight Express

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