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Wrestling: MsChif

Rachel Collins is an American Professional Wrestler from Missouri as MsChif. She debuted in June 2001 for Gateway Championship Wrestling and quickly caught on, going on an undefeated streak that saw her usually defeating MEN. This ended when she failed to defeat Light Heavyweight Champion Billy McNeil. She later switched to IWA Mid-South and NWA Midwest, before becoming a regular in SHIMMER. She has competed for Ring of Honor, various National Wrestling Alliance territories and a variety of promotions in the U.S., Japan and England. Among her in-ring achievements, she is a 1x SHIMMER Champion, a 2x NWA World Women's Champion and a 2x NWA Midwest Women's Champion.

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"Your Trope's Tormentor":

  • Action Girl/Dark Action Girl: From the start of her Gateway Championship Wrestling run was a classical example of the latter since she known for beating up guys and not always a face while doing it. (However, her popularity usually makes her a tweener than a true heel)
  • Arch-Enemy: Mickie Knuckles, Made In Sin
  • Bash Brothers and Sisters: Delirious, Christina Von Eerie, Cheerleader Melissa
  • Combat Pragmatist: After she lost the NWA championship to Amazing Kong, MsChif eventually got it back on the stipulation that the title would change hands on a count out. She then retained it by purposefully disqualifying herself with the green mist, titles normally only change through pin fall or submission.
  • Combination Attack: A double muta lock with Daizee Haze.
  • Deadpan Snarker: If she is not angrily screaming and yelling, MsChif is probably delivering indirect insults or inquiring about how her last move felt, possibly explaining how it affects the body and should feel if not getting the "correct" response.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: She ended Sara Del Rey's reign as the inaugural SHIMMER Champion, which was only Sara's second loss in her entire SHIMMER run to that point.
    • Applies to MsChif herself when Madison Eagles defeated her after a two year title reign.
  • Determinator: She wrestles with no ACLs.
    • How Much More Can She Take: She's famous for her ability to take punishment and be twisted into all kinds of submission holds.
    • Badass: Before her match with Amazing Kong on SHIMMER Volume 9, the crowd was chanting, "MsChif's gonna kill you! MsChif's gonna kill you!" Anyone who can get that kind of reaction against KONG deserves to be recognized as this.
      • The fact that she started her career going on an undefeated streak against MEN qualifies as well.
  • Enemy Mine: She and Lufisto to agreed to prioritize on Amazing Kong when Mschif defended her Shimmer title against them.
    • Worthy Opponent While Lufisto eventually crumpled, MsChif held out and became the first person in Shimmer to pin Amazing Kong, who gained new respect for the banshee as a result.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Obviously what the gimmick is going for but seems wrestling fans got used it quickly enough. She won Missouri Wrestling Revival's 2012 Sexiest Female Trophy.
    • While walking to the ring for the AWS Women's Title match with Christina Von Eerie described below, she did her trademark scream, which the announcers called "terrifying, but Strangely Arousing."
  • Facial Markings: Two green and black lines from her eyes
  • Finishing Move: Desecrator (scissored DDT), Code Green (flipping power bomb), Obliteration (a kneeling pile driver off the ropes)
  • Genius Bruiser: She's a microbiologist in Real Life.
  • Gimmick Matches: MsChif has claimed to have competed in "spiked dog collar matches", and other, stranger stipulations. After defeating Cheerleader Melissa in Shimmer MsChif took up her immediate challenge to a rematch with no holds barred and falls counting anywhere...and lost but later proved how hardcore she was by beating Melissa in a last woman standing match.
  • Goth: Subverted, she is a creature heavily associated with death, was a frequent companion of so called "goth Goddess" Daffney and is kind of pale so it is a given right? On the other hand her condescending, ruthless aggression does not really fit with the way the archetype is usually characterized and she herself has said she's not goth, but metal.
  • Guttural Growler/Metal Scream: Mschif's speech is always deeply guttural, unless something is wrong. And her scream is noticeably lower pitched than Daffney's when happen to do so at the same time.
  • Kayfabe: She seems to be rigidly committed to it, to the point that it isn't known what her hometown is or even how old she is.
  • Monster Knight: MsChif fits this trope better than traditional "monster" wrestlers. She is incredibly resilient but still sells pretty much everything, her main threat comes from being skilled all around and very resourceful. She does not seem to have much respect for referees and will happily have the rules tossed out all together if given the chance but she is also respectful to those who are to her and put up a good fight. Also a loyal partner, if you can earn her favor.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Her Red Baroness is "Your Soul's Tormentor."
  • Our Banshees Are Louder: MsChif usually screams at her opponents before the start of her matches, and when she's frustrated, and when she wins. Other wrestlers often sell her screams as highly irritating, scary or even debilitating. Beth Phoenix falls under the latter two, to give an example. Her scream was strong enough to take Joey of the All Knighters(the team Beth managed) off his feet and across the ring!
  • Parts Unknown: "The Inferno", "The Edge of the Netherworld," "Dante's Inferno"
    • During her match with AWS Women's Champion Christina Von Eerie at AWS Ten Year Anniversary, July 7, 2012, the announcers were talking about how MsChif wants the title so "she can take it back to..." and they weren't sure how to finish the thought.
  • Power Stable:
    • (in GCW): The Ministry of Hate
    • (in ROH): The Age of the Fall
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
    • (in IWA Mid-South): Cradle Of Filth's "The Promise of Fever"
    • (in IWA Mid-South, ROH, SHIMMER): Satyricon's "Repined Bastard Nation"
  • Screaming Warrior: Of course. She is a banshee, after all.
  • Shout-Out: For the AWS Women's Title match mentioned under Parts Unknown above, her ring gear featured chain designs and pictures of Pinhead and the Lament Configuration.
  • Signature Move: Call from the grave (rolling cutter), Gateway to annihilation (headlock forced into an elbow drop) Gates Of Hell II (leg trap camel clutch), spring board moonsault (unhallowed grace) and thanks to Delirious, the Green Mist. She's also a fan of the lower turnbuckle dropkicks (the opponent's position reversed from the Jeff Hardy method), seated dragon sleepers and the muta lock.
  • Tag Team: She and Cheerleader Melissa became a tag team due to their individual feud being derailed by The Minnesota Home Wreaking Crew, who had marked both of them as targets. They have since reunited on occasion to fight common threats.
    • Diabolic Khaos, with Delirious
    • MSEERIE, with Christina Von Eerie
    • Scream Queens with Daffney
  • The Rival: She and Daizee Haze have fought each other across numerous promotions but they've also worked together at times and eventually came to have mutual respect for one another.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: MsChif, Khaos
  • You Gotta Have Green Hair: Usually not all of it though
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