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Wrestling: MsChif

Rachel Collins is an American Professional Wrestler from Missouri whom fans know as MsChif. She debuted on June 19th 2001 in Hillsboro Missouri for Gateway Championship Wrestling managing Delirious and later defeating Christine. Diabolic Khaos made its tag team debut next month at the DeSoto Wrestlefest (where she and Delirious would defeat Matt Sydal and Christine) and MsChif quickly caught on after appearing on Gateway's 36th televised episode, going on an undefeated streak that saw her usually defeating MEN. This ended when MsChif failed to defeat Light Heavyweight Champion Billy McNeil and got in a prolonged feud with Johnny Greenpeace. She later switched to IWA Mid-South and NWA Midwest, before becoming a regular in SHIMMER. She has competed for Ring of Honor, various National Wrestling Alliance territories and a variety of promotions in the U.S., Japan and England. Among her in-ring achievements, she is a GCW Light Heavyweight Champion, a Coastal Wrestling Association Tag Team Championnote , a SHIMMER Champion, a 2x NWA World Women's Champion and a 2x NWA Midwest Women's Champion.

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  • A Taste Of Their Own Medicine: MsChif gave Daizee Haze a heart punch in SHIMMER for stealing almost all her moves. She's also used Sydal's shooting star press.
  • Action Girl/Dark Action Girl: From the start of her Gateway Championship Wrestling run was a classical example of the latter since she known for beating up guys and not always a face while doing it. (However, her popularity usually makes her a tweener rather than a true heel)
    "From the realm of insanity, the most evil bitch to ever get in this ring... oh so you guys like evil bitches?"
  • Animal Motifs: She has a set of ring gear centered around Medusa (snakes). Another set depicts a pack of three headed dogs, one ridden by her. Her silver gear depicts (warped)sea creatures (and a Cthulhumanoid)
  • Arch-Enemy: Mickie Knuckles, who originally started fighting MsChif on the behalf of Daizee Haze but then started to take it personal. MsChif did too, coming to the PGWA only to fight Knuckles, not even taking a free title shot at champion Nikki Roxx when a family crisis and scheduling mishaps reduced them to the only wrestlers able to compete at Columbia Clash 2006, unless Roxx agreed to her terms. Made In Sin and Adam Cole made bids later.
  • Armor-Piercing Slap: Justified when she slapped Nikki Strychnine, as he had fallen in love with MsChif after inducting her into the ministry of hate. Once he got over her it stopped working.
  • Bar Brawl: She didn't have much choice, as Wesna threw her into a bar during the Chick Fight VIII finals.
  • Bash Brothers and Sisters: Delirious, Christina Von Eerie, Cheerleader Melissa, Cindy Rogers
  • Battle Couple: With "The Unbreakable" Michael Elgin as revealed against Adrenalin Rush and Athena in Ring Of Honor
  • Canon Discontinuity: As far as NWA Midwest is concerned, the three way dance she along with Daizee Haze lost to Mickie Knuckles was illegitimate and MsChif remained champion up until the winner takes all loss Diabolic Khaos suffered to Daizee Haze and Matt Sydal. After getting the belt back from Josie, NWA Midwest changed the belt's name to the Zero1-Midwest Women's championship and thus can ignore the whole time MsChif was not holding it completely.
  • Color Motif: Originally just wore black but incorporated a lot green to compliment her partner in crime, Delirious.
  • Combat Pragmatist: MsChif took advantage of Nikki Roxx and the PGWA's desperation to turn her title shot into a no holds barred falls count anywhere match. After MsChif lost the NWA Women's Championship to Amazing Kong, she eventually got it back on the stipulation that the title would change hands on a count out. MsChif then retained by purposefully disqualifying herself with the green mist, titles normally only change through pin fall or submission.
  • Combination Attack: A Doomsday Device with Christina Von Eerie.
  • Contortionist: Her prowess in this field is part of why she caught on so quickly in GCW and she's a deceptively strong one at that. MsChif will gladly stretch herself out if it means catching someone else can be really hard to dislodge once she's synched something in. 7ft Giant Titan knows this first hand.
  • Deadpan Snarker: If she is not angrily screaming and yelling, MsChif is probably delivering indirect insults or inquiring about how her last move felt, possibly explaining how it affects the body and should feel if not getting the "correct" response.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable
    • She ended Sara Del Rey's reign as the inaugural SHIMMER Champion, which was only Sara's second loss in her entire SHIMMER run to that point.
    • Applies to MsChif herself when Madison Eagles defeated her after a two year title reign.
  • Determinator: She wrestles with no ACLs.
    • How Much More Can She Take: She's famous for her ability to take punishment and be twisted into all kinds of submission holds.
    • Badass: Before her match with Amazing Kong on SHIMMER Volume 9, the crowd was chanting, "MsChif's gonna kill you! MsChif's gonna kill you!" Anyone who can get that kind of reaction against KONG deserves to be recognized as this.
      • The fact that she started her career going on an undefeated streak against MEN, ranging from the quick high flying Matt Sydal to the over twice her weight powerhouse Johnny Greenpeace, qualifies as well. So does the fact that she held three belts, one not even in a related promotion, at the same time.
  • Double Knockout
    • Or some variation of such happened frequently against Mickie Knuckles, such as the double pin that saved her IWA-mid south belt from MsChif. Dazee Haze also accidentally pinned herself along with MsChif, allowing Mickie Knuckles to go over both of them.
    • MSEERIE were half of a quadruple knock out when they faced Candice LeRae and Davina Rose at AWS 6/6/2012. Von Eerie had LeRae in a seated head scissor, then Rose put Von Eerie in a cobra clutch, then MsChif put Rose in a bite of the dragon then got put in a head scissor by LeRae. All four of them ended up collapsing but MsChif and Rose, who were in the knot the shortest amount of time, managed to wake up before a ten count ended the contest.note 
  • Enemy Mine: She and Lufisto to agreed to prioritize on Amazing Kong when MsChif defended her Shimmer title against them. MsChif also had this idea with Daizee Haze against Mia Yim in RCW but set Haze off when signaling for her to back up with a slap to the belly.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette
    • Obviously what the gimmick is going for and she initially got the intended reaction from the GCW fans, but it seems wrestling fans got used it after awhile. She won Missouri Wrestling Revival's 2012 Sexiest Female Trophy.
    • While walking to the ring for the AWS Women's Title match with Christina Von Eerie described below, she did her trademark scream, which the announcers called "terrifying, but Strangely Arousing."
  • Facial Markings: Two green and black lines from her eyes. Revealed in SHIMMER to be akin to war paint.
  • Finishing Move: Desecrator (scissored DDT), Code Green (Super Shisa's Yoshi Tonic flipping bomb), Obliteration (a kneeling pile driver off the second rope)
  • Flipping the Bird: When she got on the "Adult" shows and finally got to let the GCW crowds know how she really felt about them.
  • Genius Bruiser: She's a microbiologist in Real Life.
  • Gimmick Matches: MsChif has claimed to have competed in "spiked dog collar matches", and other strange stipulations. She failed to avenge her first loss to the Irish Luchador Billy McNeil in a best of three table match. After defeating Cheerleader Melissa in SHIMMER MsChif took up her challenge to a rematch with no holds barred and falls counting anywhere after Melissa interfered in her match with Lexie Fyfe afterward...and lost after being beaten bloody and bent over a chair. MsChif later put down Melissa in a last woman standing match.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Wore two giant pigtails at GCW Adults F-N Only 7, in mockery of Daizee Haze, who had two short braided tails.
  • Goth: Subverted, she is a creature heavily associated with death, was a frequent companion of so called "goth Goddess" Daffney and is kind of pale so it is a given right? On the other hand her condescending, ruthless aggression does not really fit with the way the archetype is usually characterized and she herself has said she's not goth, but metal.
  • Groin Attack: To Sean Vincent at GCW Adults F-N Only 6 when he refused to face her because "Women are an abomination to wrestling." Even before then she accidentally gave one to Delirious at F-N only 2. She had done them so much in GCW they were habitual.
  • Guttural Growler/Metal Scream: MsChif's speech is always deeply guttural, unless something is wrong. And her scream is noticeably lower pitched than Daffney's when happen to do so at the same time.
  • Kayfabe: She seems to be rigidly committed to it, to the point that it isn't known what her hometown is or even how old she is.
  • Hard Head: She and Christina Von Eerie are known for headbutting people back and forth between themselves.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: She's described Daffney as "Her long lost twin" and insisted she could make Dafney's ASS whole. (All Star Squad that is).
  • Kissgusting: Kissing in general disgusted MsChif. She was nearly knocked off in the first round of Chick Fight V, completely befuddled by the "tactics" of Sumie Sakai. But then Sakai made the mistake of kissing her. However, MsChif would later find someone she would willingly kiss in Michael Elgin.
  • Lighter and Softer: Most of her post GCW career, MsChif has really cleaned up her language, is much less antagonistic toward fans and strikes groins with a much lower frequency, even on proudly R rated AAW shows.
  • Maniac Tongue: When she really starts to enjoy hurting someone, or just happens to notice the camera on her face during a hold, expect to see that tongue come down.
  • Monster Knight: MsChif fits this trope better than traditional "monster" wrestlers. She is incredibly resilient but still sells pretty much everything, her main threat comes from being skilled all around and very resourceful. She does not seem to have much respect for referees and will happily have the rules tossed out all together if given the chance but she is also respectful to those who are to her and put up a good fight. Also a loyal partner, if you can earn her favor.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Her Red Baroness is "Your Soul's Tormentor." Operation Shamrock called her "Satan's Booty Call".
  • Our Banshees Are Louder: MsChif usually screams at her opponents before the start of her matches, and when she's frustrated, and when she wins. Other wrestlers often sell her screams as highly irritating, scary or even debilitating. Beth Phoenix falls under the latter two, to give an example. Her scream was strong enough to take Joey of the All Knighters(the team Phoenix managed) off his feet and across the ring!
  • Parts Unknown
    • "The Realm Of Insanity", "The Inferno", "The Edge of the Netherworld," "Dante's Inferno"
    • During her match with AWS Women's Champion Christina Von Eerie at AWS Ten Year Anniversary, July 7, 2012, the announcers were talking about how MsChif wants the title so "she can take it back to..." and they weren't sure how to finish the thought.
  • Pet the Dog
    • She and Daffney ran off Alicia, who interrupted Alexa Thatcher’s interview to try and break Thatcher's foot on SHIMMER volume 13.
    • MsChif returned to the PGWA to get at Tasha Simone for going too far when beating one of MsChif's former students, Rebecca Raze. This gained MsChif some respect for Simone, who had no sympathy for rookies she was convinced would forget their trainers and might become their enemies down the road.
    • Her July 24th NWA Women's title defense against Tasha Simone was no disqualification, a stipulation MsChif used well, giving Simone a bloody face by ramming it into a car. However, after spitting the green mist on Tasha, MsChif ran to the concession stand for water and made sure Simone's eyes were washed out before she went back to beating her up. Possibly because of this, Tasha Simone won the title but MsChif had no regrets.
  • Power Stable:
    • (in GCW): The Ministry of Hate lead by Nikki Strychnine and Diabolic Khaos. The two groups ended up in a feud because of MsChif.
    • (in ROH): Age of the Fall lead by Jimmy Jacobs
  • Real Song Theme Tune
    • In GCW, Dimmu Borgir's "Hybrid Stigmata- The Apostasy" was the entire Diabolic Khaos theme. Now it's just Delirious's theme and Hecate Enthroned's "The Pagan Swords of Legend" is the team theme.
    • (in IWA Mid-South): Cradle Of Filth's "The Promise of Fever", later Satyricon's "Repined Bastard Nation", which carried over to ROH and SHIMMER.
  • Screaming Warrior: Of course. She is a banshee, after all.
  • Shout-Out
  • Signature Move: Call from the grave (rolling cutter), Gateway to annihilation (headlock forced into an elbow drop), Gates Of Hell II (leg trap camel clutch), spring board moonsault (unhallowed grace), Darkness Embrace (alternating arm Christo), Déjà vu (multiple rotation flying head scissors) when those fail, a double handed choke (sometimes lifted into a bomb) or the Green Mist. She's also a fan of the lower turnbuckle dropkicks (the opponent's position reversed from the Jeff Hardy method), kneeling over her back arm hook stretches and the muta lock.
  • Silence, You Fool!: Normally the type to simply attack or scream over someone she does not want to hear but that does not tend to work against a crowd. So when MsChif finally realized GCW's fans were cheering for what she had to say about Sean Vincent.
    "...hey shut up cocksuckers, I didn't ask your fucking opinion!"
  • Spikes of Villainy: Dazee Haze refused to defend the NWA Midwest Championship at CSW until the referee removed MsChif's spiked vest from the ring.
  • Tag Team:
    • She and Cheerleader Melissa became a tag team due to their individual feud being derailed by The Minnesota Home Wreaking Crew, who had marked both of them as targets. They have since reunited on occasion to fight common threats. The pairing was nicked named MelisChif.
    • Diabolic Khaos, with Delirious. Diabolic Khaos briefly became a power stable when she brought in tag team Nightbreed.
    • MSEERIE, with Christina Von Eerie
    • Scream Queens with Daffney
  • The Mentor: She served as one to the tag team Nightbreed(Jackal and Cabal), sending them after Johnny Greenpeace(one of MsChif's own trainers off set) and Dazee Haze. Jackal eventually won Gateway's light heavyweight championship after MsChif lost it.
  • The Rival
    • She and Daizee Haze have fought each other across numerous promotions but they've also worked together at times and eventually came to have mutual respect for one another. If you look at the start of their careers to Haze's retirement they have a nearly equal number of wins against each other in almost every match type they've had and rare as their team ups were, they do have a winning record as a tag team.
    • Her Ministry Of Hate stablemate The Outtkast over GCW's Light Heavyweight Championship.
    • Has quite the rivalry with Mercedes Martinez, having the foresight to ask the crowd if Mercedes had changed her ways when they met up in USCW (she hadn't). Mercedes has yet to become an especially high priority target despite it.
  • Tournament Arc: Eliminated by the Lovely Lacey, the first NWA Midwest Women's Champion in the tournament to determine who that would be (but see canon discontinuity above). MsChif also pinned Mercedes Martinez in the Chick Fight IV finals.
  • Worthy Opponent
    • While Lufisto eventually crumpled when they were against Amazing Kong, MsChif held out and became the first person in SHIMMER to pin Kong, who gained new respect for MsChif as a result. It was apparently a mutual feeling, since MsChif was the first one running to Kong's aid when Valkyrie revealed she was their first target on the Shine roster.
    • MsChif already liked Serena Deeb, but decided she would have to beat the previous SHIMMER Champion, Sara Del Rey, to be considered worthy. When Deeb finally did, MsChif immediately granted her a title shot, much to Del Rey's annoyance.
  • Wrestling Psychology: MsChif is well respected for her abilities to put people over without bumping and disguise legitimate injury from the bumps she does take, which are reportedly rare skills (her rough style likely forced her to develop them). Most famous she is for mind games with scared, annoyed or confused opponents...and referees.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: MsChif, Khaos
  • You Gotta Have Green Hair: Usually not all of it though
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