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Film: Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
The chicken has declared jihad on us all!

"Humans... the other white meat... Unless you're black, then it's dark meat... Or if you are Asian, then it's yellow meat... Or if you are Native American, it's red meat..."
— Tagline

Arbie and Wendy just finished high school. They celebrate it by having sex on a burial ground of a local Tromahawk tribe, and during the act they promise that while Wendy is leaving town to study, they will stay true to each other. A year later, Arbie meets Wendy again, on a protest the American Chicken Bunker fast-food net's intrusions against rich cultural history of the area and their slaughter of millions of innocent chickens. But alas — in the meantime, she became a "left-wing lipstick lesbian liberal." In disgust over it, and to spite his ex-girlfriend, Arbie gets a job at the American Chicken Bunker. One problem: that transgression against local cultural history? It's built on that Indian burial ground.

It's a Troma movie, and it says all.

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alternative title(s): Poultrygeist; Poultrygeist Night Of The Chicken Dead
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