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John Wisniski Jr. (b. 1951) is a semi-retired American Professional Wrestler from Seattle, WA as Greg Valentine. He debuted in 1970 as Baby Face Nelson due to his original unwillingness to take the last name of his father, Johnny Valentine. He also worked as Johnny Fargo, an Unrelated Brother of Jackie Fargo. He changed it to Johnny Valentine Jr. when he debuted in Florida in 1974 before changing the first name to Greg, though he was billed as Johnny's brother, not his son. He arrived in Mid-Atlantic in 1976, after his father had to retire due to injuries in a plane crash. Valentine was pushed immediately as a Heel, with his elbow drop being sold as a devastating move. Valentine found success teaming with Ric Flair and feuded with Chief Wahoo McDaniel and with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. After some on-and-off trips to WWE from 1978 to 1981, he started there full-time in 1984. He was successful there, holding the IC and tag titles, before getting demoted and leaving in 1992. He had a brief run in WCW before going off to the independents. Among his in-ring achievements, he is a former WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, a former WWE World Tag Team Champion with Brutus Beefcake, a former 3x NWA (Mid-Atlantic) United States Heavyweight Champion, a former 4x NWA World (Mid-Atlantic) Tag Team Championnote  and a 1x WCW United States Tag Team Champion with Terry Taylor.

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