Heartwarming / Bret Hart

  • Obviously, his public reconciliation with Shawn Michaels on the first Raw of 2010. And even before that, he gave the WWE Universe this heartfelt speech:
    "This is a chance for me to say to my fans all around the world: thank you so much, for never letting me be forgotten! I owe everything I am today, and in my whole life, to the WWE Universe, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for carrying me in your hearts all these years. Never to be forgotten!"
  • Much like his reconciliation with Shawn, Bret's reconciliation with Tom Billington, The Dynamite Kid, has also been documented. Dynamite's daughter got a picture of them talking via Skype which can be viewed here.
  • Akin to the Shawn and Dynamite situation Bret has also previously had personal issues with Ric Flair which they have now gotten over. They made up when Bret's niece Natalya and Ric's daughter Charlotte had a match in NXT which they both were commentators.
    • Before they made up Bret's twitter picture of was him holding a satirical caricature of Ric, now it's a picture of the smiling together.
  • During Martha Hart's lawsuit against Vince McMahon over Owen's death, Bret describes a quiet, friendly meeting with Jim Neidhart in his autobiography. This is notable as it's perhaps his least stressful meeting with anyone in the Hart family during this period, as Neidhart did not get involved with the suit nor did he even make any public statements.
  • After defeating Mr. Perfect for his first Intercontinental Title at Summerslam 91, Bret stepped out of the ring and hugged his parents, who were front row in the audience.
  • Everytime he gave his sunglasses to one of his young fans while approaching the ring.
  • The RAW after WM XXVI. Bret is talking about his deceased relatives and the support he gathers from them, when the crowd starts chanting "Owen! Owen!". Then the Hitman opens his jacket to reveal a t-shirt featuring a classic picture of him and his little brother.
  • During the 1993 King of the Ring, Hart faced Mr. Perfect in what ended up being a great match. Immediately after, Perfect, despite losing to Hart, gave him a quick handshake and a pat on the shoulder before leaving the ring. The fact that Henning was one of Hart's closest friends in real life makes this even sweeter.