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Awesome: Owen Hart
  • While Bret Hart would get the gold at the end of WrestleMania 10, Owen Hart would get the greater glory - in the show's opening match, he beat Bret in what's considered one of the best matches for either Hart brother.
  • Winning the 1994 King of the Ring Tournament: or does that fall under Awesome Moment of Crowning?
  • His match with the Hart Foundation against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the Legion of Doom, Goldust, and Ken Shamrock at the Canadian Stampede PPV. Despite being the heels in the US after WrestleMania XIII, the Harts were hugely over in Canada. A great match, it's Owen, not Bret, that gets the roll-up on Austin and wins the match in front a white-hot Calgary crowd and the whole extended Hart family.
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