Heartwarming / Owen Hart

  • The fans can and will start an "Owen!" chant whenever he is mentioned or shown at all. It's even better when Bret is involved.
  • The tearful reunion between Bret and Owen (and The British Bulldog). It was to set up The Hart Foundation as the top heel faction in the company, but Owen bawling his eyes out and falling into Bret's arms still tugged at the heartstrings.
  • Luna Vachon claimed that, while everyone else was congratulating Sable on her performance and win in her and Marc Mero's win over Luna and Goldust at WrestleMania XIV, Owen was the only wrestler who showed Luna any kind of respect for her performance in the match. Due to Sable's Faux Action Girl status, Luna essentially was there to get beat up by her.
  • Several wrestlers have said (in reference to Raw is Owen) that Owen was pretty much the only wrestler who could have a memorial show about them and no one would have anything bad to say.