Trivia / Owen Hart

  • What Could Have Been: Owen was slated to win the Intercontinental Championship the night that he died. Triple H has gone on to claim in interviews that the gimmick of "The Game" was originally going to be Owen's.
    • During his feud with Bret, Owen was booked to win the world title off his brother before that was canceled.
      • In his first book Chris Jericho mentions that Owen was one of the main reasons he became a wrestler and wanted little else but to be one-part of the Tag-Team Champions with Owen. But, Owen died after Jericho had signed with the WWF/E, but before he had made his debut.
      • Owen disliked the method of entrance he used as the Blue Blazer, but went along with it because it was his job and he wanted to do it properly. The amount of times he'd done it successfully raised his confidence somewhat. Vince said that Owen had the choice and that he wouldn't have been forced to do it (which is probably not totally true, as Vince is known for firing wrestlers for not doing as he says, often viewing them as disposable). If Vince did not have this reputation, Owen would probably have told him no, and he wouldn't have had to do it, thus, he would probably be alive today.