Funny / Owen Hart

  • Read Mick Foley's first book and you'll get a treasure trove of CMOF's concerning Owen. One of the funnier ones being the deliberately bad "popcorn bag" match between Foley and Owen whose sole purpose was to make "Stone Cold" Steve Austin break character and laugh at ringside. It worked. Austin's response? "You two are the shits."
  • Pinning Triple H. During the Royal Rumble match.
  • When he flipped out and beat up Jason Sensation for making fun of him along with DeGeneration X, putting him in a sharpshooter.
  • Owen had a notorious reputation as a practical joker behind the scenes. Among those he pulled were:
    • During a match against the Rock, he told Rock to give him a shoulderblock. Upon receiving it, Owen went down in slow motion.
    • In a match against his brother, Bret, Owen hid some sardines in one of the turnbuckles before the card. During the match, Owen stuffed the sardines in Bret's mouth, and held Bret's mouth shut in a Camel Clutch so he couldn't spit them out.
    • While working the phone lines for WWF's 900 number, Owen handed Jim Cornette a phone and said it was for him. Cornette answered it and the person on the other end was Owen's father, Stu Hart. Cornette didn't believe it (he thought it was Bruce Prichard, who could do a good imitation of Stu) and played along with hilarious results, until finding out it really was Stu Hart on the phone.
    • During a plane trip, Owen and Bret were seated in first class, while their brother-in-law, Davey Boy Smith (a very big muscular wrestler) sat in coach. They told Davey to come up and sit with them, then acted like they didn't know him when the stewardesses came around.
    • In a house show match where he teamed with Jeff Jarrett against Edge and Christian, Owen attacked Edge with a foreign object, hiding it in his arms. Referee Jim Korderas gave him a count of five to raise his arms, revealing what it was Owen hit Edge with. It was a napkin.