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Matthew Moore Hardy (born September 23, 1974) is a {{professional wrestl|ing}}er that is a former champion of The Carolinia Wrestling Federation, Maryland Championship Wrestling, New England Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Syndicate, New Frontier Wrestling Association and Wrestle Cradle. He's shown up from time to time in Wrestling/RingOfHonor and wrestled for members of the Wrestling/{{N|ational Wrestling Alliance}}WA too.

However, Matt Hardy is best known for his time in Wrestling/{{WWE}}, where he began as part of the Hardy Boyz tag team with his RealLife brother [[Wrestling/JeffHardy Jeff]]. He also joined Jeff in Wrestling/{{TNA}} for the better part of 2011. He is a former [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwf-euro.html WWE European Heavyweight Champion]], a former [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwf-us-h.html WWE United States Heavyweight Champion]], [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwf-hc.html WWE Hardcore Champion]], a former 6x [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwe-world-t.html WWE World Tag Team Champion]] with Jeff, a former [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwe-t.html WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion]] with [[Wrestling/MontelVontaviousPorter MVP]], a former [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wcw/wcw-t.html WCW World Tag Team Champion]][[note]]In 2001, near the end of the [=InVasion=][=/=]Alliance feud[[/note]] with Jeff and a former [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/us/ecw/ecw-h.html WWE ECW Heavyweight Champion]].

After spending several years as a jobber in the WWF, taking part in matches against [[Wrestling/TripleH Hunter Hearst Helmsley]] and [[Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin The Ringmaster]], Matt finally rose to prominence after forming a tag team with Jeff, known as the Hardy Boyz. They had a variety of managers in their early years, including Michael Hayes, [[Characters/WWEDivas Terri Runnels]], and [[Wrestling/DavidHeath Gangrel]] (during which they were known as The New Brood and started their long-standing feud with Wrestling/{{Edge}} and Wrestling/{{Christian}}. They gained most success when managed by Matt's real life girlfriend Wrestling/{{Lita}}, as the trio Team Xtreme.

Although both were known for a high-flying style of wrestling, Matt was always known as the more calculated and restrained of the two, known more for his "Twist of Fate" finisher than for his dives.

Over the years, Matt and Jeff would split, feud against each other, or feud against other people, before getting back together in TNA both as heels and faces. The second time around, [[EarnYourHappyEnding Matt finally became]] [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/us/tna/tna-h.html TNA World Heavyweight Champion]] at Bound for Glory 2015. He would relinquish the championship in a storyline controversy built to justify the pre-taped "World Title Series", but wound up winning it again through a FaceHeelDoubleTurn between Matt, his wife Reby Sky, and [[Wrestling/EC3 Ethan Carter III]].

And then... things got ''weird''.

After getting into another feud with his brother Jeff, in early 2016 he appeared in a bizarre personality known as "Broken" Matt Hardy, obsessed with defeating (deleting) his brother (who he claimed was the one who "broke" him), who he now referred to as "Brother Nero" ("Nero" really is Jeff's middle name). This all culminated in a match only referred to as "The Final Deletion". The actual match and buildup must be seen to be believed.

Since then, he and Brother Nero have become possibly the most popular element on TNA, known enough to be referenced in a Wrestling/TheNewDay vs. Wrestling/TheWyattFamily promo on WWE, and with chants of "DELETE" going throughout other promotions.

Broken Matt Hardy leads a stable consisting of himself, Brother Nero, his wife Reby Sky, his and Reby's son King Maxel, their gardener and caretaker Senor Benjamin (Reby's real life father), and Vanguard-1, a hologram-projecting, video-recording, rocket-equipped, small ''drone''.

Matt and his brother Jeff eventually left TNA, but not before getting entangled in a legal battle over who owns the "broken" gimmick.

At ''Wrestlemania XXXIII'', after weeks of speculation and teasing, the Hardys made their return to Wrestlemania as a surprise 4th team to enter into ladder match for the tag-team titles, [[spoiler: which they won]].

After [[spoiler: a long legal battle over who owned the rights to the gimmick, Matt Hardy won the case. Thus, after a match with Bray Wyatt, allowing him to bring his "Broken" persona into the WWE (under the "Woken" tag, in order to still allow him to use "Broken" outside the promotion).]]

More info on [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Hardy his page]] at [[Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} The Other Wiki]].

!! "I could trope a tornado!" (General tropes):
* AlterEgoActing: "Matt Hardy Brand" and "THE MATTHEW BRAND"
* AlwaysSecondBest:
** Something of an Unfortunate TruthInTelevision. Jeff ultimately ended up being the Most Over Hardy in the long run, getting main even pushes while Matt wallowed in the mid/lower card. Even with Jeff's demons concerning drugs, both TNA and WWE saw more stock in him than Matt. Several of Matt's [[CainAndAbel feuds with Jeff]] involved this trope, making one wonder if Matt actually does have a chip on his shoulder.
** The sole exception to all of this is ROH, where Matt is greatly beloved while the last time Jeff was there, he got booed out of the building with "WE WANT MATT!" chants. This probably because Matt works a more ground-based style while Jeff relies more on spots and has the unfortunate reputation of being a bit of a SpotMonkey. Well, that and the fact that Jeff's ring work has become sloppier over the years in general.
** In TNA it wasn't Jeff who represented this, but [[Wrestling/EC3 Ethan Carter III]]. He has challenged [=EC3=] for the title on at least five occasions, but never successfully won any of them cleanly—of the two he won, one was a triple threat match in which Ethan was taken out by Jeff, the special referee, for provoking him throughout the match and Matt pinned [[Wrestling/DrewMcIntyre Drew Galloway]] instead, and the other was the one with the double turn involving Reby and [[Wrestling/BrodusClay Tyrus]]' betrayal of [=EC3=].
* AnythingYouCanDoICanDoBetter: His tag team partner [[Wrestling/MontelVontaviousPorter MVP]] believed Matt Hardy would be inferior to him in everything they did. Most specifically that he was the better man in the tag team and that Matt Hardy would never be good enough to beat MVP for the United States Championship but would also challenge him to various tasks to prove he really could beat Matt at ''everything''. Matt Hardy would eventually beat MVP for the US title and send him into a long losing streak.
* ArchEnemy:
** Edge, for many reasons, both {{Kayfabe}} and RealLife, well, not as much in recent years. He wished Wrestling/{{Edge}} well after his retirement, stating that they have both started and ended as friends.
** A better example would be Matt's brother, Jeff. When they aren't tagging together nor on different shows, they've more often than not been feuding with each other. Note that in almost all their feuds, Matt's has been the heel with an obvious case of GreenEyedMonster.
** In TNA it wasn't Jeff that sparked his FaceHeelTurn, but Wrestling/EC3. Through their wars over the TNA World Heavyweight Title, Matt and Ethan have grown a hatred of each other that has unlocked [[FaceHeelDoubleTurn new sides of themselves]] as characters.
* TheArtifact: Even though Matt no longer uses the "Version 1" gimmick, he and his fans still flash the "V1" hand signal as shown.
* AscendedExtra: Matt and Jeff spent years as TV jobbers for WWE, and they were used to open the doors for the wrestlers at ''King of the Ring 95.''
* AttentionWhore: The entire thing of what seemed to be his life spiraling down and him planning to commit suicide. After tons of cryptic messages that gave the outright impression he was going to commit suicide. End result of it was him doing a work and just doing it to "test his fans" and advertise his "rebirth". The fake suicide note caused a genuine panic, with many people actually calling the area police department and getting them to check on him. There was a '''massive''' backlash when it was revealed to be fake. In addition to angering fans, this stunt also upset his friends and his sister-in-law.
* AuthorAvatar: As "High Voltage" in his own wrestling promotion. He later changed his name to Surge when he discovered a WCW tag team with the same name until Chris Wrestling/{{Kanyon}} informed him WCW had actually stolen the High Voltage name from him and was showing Matt Hardy's tryout videos in their training facility, the power plant.
* BattleCouple: With Reby Sky in Vendetta Pro.
* BerserkButton:
** Don't you dare give him purple grapes; MATTHEW only eats green grapes.
** He's made a point in different parts of his career that he REALLY doesn't like mustard, and will reference it every chance he gets.
* BlatantLies: In his TNA debut, claimed not to be like his brother (who was in the midst of his heel run as Immortal's DarkMessiah World Champion), before smacking RVD in the face.
* BloodUpgrade: As version 1.0, Matt Hardy would get more aggressive if he found himself bleeding.
* BreakupBreakout:
** At first, Matt was the Michaels during his Matt Hardy V1 gimmick, during Jeff's first run in TNA. Then the whole Matt/Lita/Edge love-triangle happened, Jeff re-signed with the WWE and became world champion, and Matt became the Jannety whilst still remaining successful. However, after Jeff left the WWE, Matt squandered in the lower card before they both wound up in TNA, where Jeff became the centerpiece of [[PowerStable Immortal]] whilst Matt [[DemotedToExtra became a background player in the same stable]].
** At least until Jeff's drug problems got to the point where TNA decided he couldn't work and sent him home. Now Matt's suddenly become one of the main wrestlers of the group... until Matt got put on suspension for chronic lateness and then fired after a DWI, while Jeff was given a second chance and redeemed himself.
** And then right back into things as Matt's taken on the "Broken" persona, almost single handedly running the feud with Jeff, as despite having being considered for years to have been ''the'' {{Cloudcuckoolander}}/BunnyEarsLawyer of pro wrestling, Jeff now can't seem to hold a candle to the kind of [[LargeHam ham]] Matt's been pulling out.
* CainAndAbel: With Jeff when feuding against each other.
* TheCameo: Appeared in the crowd at SHINE Wrestling cheering Reby Sky...and threw in the towel when she got stretched out by Jessicka Havok.
* CardCarryingVillain: Became the leader of S.C.U.M.('''S'''uffering '''C'''haos '''U'''gliness '''M'''ayhem) when Wrestling/JimmyJacobs and Steve Corino grew tired of Wrestling/KevinSteen and promoted Hardy in Steen's place.
* CavalryBetrayal:
** A shocking one to long time viewers of WWE at the 2009 Royal Rumble when Matt turned on Jeff Hardy for Edge. This is a case where more casual viewers may have seen it coming but many long term ones were shocked to see Matt aid Edge in favor of anyone.
** Team Big League boasted that they had acquired Matt Hardy's services in the International Wrestling Cartel only for Hardy to correct that he had come to fight John [=McChesney=].
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}:
** He has two Website/YouTube channels, one for "Matt Hardy", in which he acts weird, but is a typical vlog-style channel, and one for "MATTHEW" ([[SpellMyNameWithAnS "ALL CAPS!"]]) where he speaks vague pseudo-philosophy, burns money, shows off his weapon collection, drinks beer, and eats grapes. Lots of grapes.
** "Broken" Matt Hardy is this cranked UpToEleven. His weird attempts to mimic a British accent, often resulting in an almost unintelligible manner of speaking, fashion sense of a character created by Creator/TimBurton, excessive theatrics all add up to insanity.
* CompositeCharacter: His 2017 WWE return didn't feature Matt going fully "Broken", creating a mix of his current and classic gimmicks, claiming that the ovation he and Jeff received had contained his condition. In reality, Matt and Impact Wrestling were still engaged in a lawsuit over the ownership of the "Broken" gimmick, so obviously he couldn't use it.
** This [[https://twitter.com/MATTHARDYBRAND/status/854438683910471680 Twitter gif]] sums it up perfectly. It's also appropriate that his Twitter moniker has been changed to "Conflicted" instead of "Broken".
*** During a feud with Wrestling/BrayWyatt, though... Bray Wyatt should have noted he was still somewhat, ahem, unstable... as he was, rather than broken, WOKEN once more...
** During the European Tour the month after his Wrestlemania return, his twitter handle included [=#DELETE=] in other languages, like [=#LOSCHEN=].
* CouchGag: His Mattitude titantron had a different Matt Hardy fact every time he entered the arena.
* {{Crossover}}: The International Wrestling Cartel boasts that his match with Wrestling/AJStyles at ''No Excuses 2005'' was one of the few legitimate WWE vs TNA inter promotional matches.
** The WWE were doing a three-way tag team match for WrestleMania. Two weeks earlier, TNA cut a promo where they announced, in two weeks, four teams would be fighting for the Tag Team Championships. Neither TNA fans nor WWE fans thought they meant that the Hardy Boyz were returning to WWE, making the predicted four-way tag team match!
* TheCracker: Albeit, a baby{{face}} one. He hijacked the Vendetta Pro Taktron to challenge Billy Blade. This…also implies some things about his WWE Version 1 character.
* {{Determinator}}: Worked for two years with a torn bicep before it got too bad and he had to get surgery. This was the basis behind the commentators saying "Matt Hardy will never say die."
* DefeatingTheUndefeatable: With some help from his wife Reby Sky and Tyrus, Matt defeated Wrestling/EC3 in the Last Man Standing match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. In the process, he gave him his first official loss (although EC3 would have yet to be pinned/submitted for another few months). Had Hardy lost he would've had to leave TNA for good, though that premise was all just part of the plan.
* DistressedDude: He and Lita traded this role while they feuded with Wrestling/{{Kane}}, who wanted to get rid of Matt so he could have Lita to himself.
* DudeWheresMyRespect: The entire point of the Iconic character. He thinks he deserves to be respected and treated as a wrestling legend and potential brand carrier. Fans were divided at best on the subject, having fallen out of love with him years ago. He figured his opinion is worth more than theirs since he's independently wealthy and living the good life. Cue rubbing it in to insufferable amounts.
** Then he actually ''did'' begin to carry the TNA brand as BROKEN Matt.
* EarnYourHappyEnding: After a heartbreaking betrayal in his personal life kicked off a decade of shaky backstage relationships, creative frustrations, multiple failed rebirths[[labelnote:see]]every "Year of Matt Hardy" claim he's given over the years[[/labelnote]] and falls off the wagon[[labelnote:see]]the multiple rows of DUI arrests that got him fired from TNA the first time[[/labelnote]], and even reaching the ultimate low of faking a thinly veiled suicide note to test his fandom, which was finally enough to piss off his friends into setting him straight; Matt has gradually picked himself back up over the past few years. Apologizing to wrestling fans in [[Wrestling/{{TNA}} some companies]] and reinventing himself as an iconic heel to them in [[Wrestling/RingOfHonor others]], he has turned his life around for the most part, earned back most of the respect he'd lost in his downfall, and become a husband to Reby Sky, father to their son Maxel, and finally, the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/us/tna/tna-h.html TNA World Heavyweight Champion]].
* EasilyForgiven: Subverted. After attacking his brother several times, including trying to blow him up with pyro and insinuating that he had something to do with the fire that destroyed Jeff's house and killed his beloved dog, on top of costing his brother the WWE Championship to Edge, Matt begged for Jeff's forgiveness during their "I Quit" match, in which he was hogtied to a table while Jeff was preparing a double leg drop from a rather tall ladder, including saying "I quit." It ''looked'' like Jeff was going to back down after that...only to vault himself over the ladder and leg drop Matt anyway, breaking Matt's arm in the process. Matt wouldn't be forgiven until several months down the line during his brother's famous feud with Wrestling/CMPunk, in which he had to prove himself by helping Jeff several times.
* FaceHeelDoubleTurn: He and wife Reby Sky had this in January 2016 with Ethan Carter III in order to take the TNA World Championship title from Carter as well as bring back Hardy's "Iconic" heel character from ROH, complete with BodyguardBetrayal on the part of [[Wrestling/BrodusClay Tyrus]].
* FeudingFamilies: Jay Briscoe and Matt Hardy never got along, the younger brothers were then dragged into their disputes.
* FinishingMove: Twist of Fate/Hate in Wrestling/{{WWE}}[=/=]Wrestling/{{TNA}}, Ice Pick in Wrestling/{{TNA}}. Early on in WWF he also had a nice 450 splash. For a while, the Mattitude diving legdrop on Smackdown.
* FunWithAcronyms: The "Iconic" on his unofficial ROH title belt meant '''I'''nnovative '''C'''reator and '''O'''riginator of a '''N'''ew-Found '''I'''ndustry '''C'''hampion
* AGodAmI: When [[Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys Bully Ray declared Team 3D]] to be gods of tag team wrestling, in comparison to the American Wolves, who claimed were not on their level, Matt said the the Hardys were also gods of tag team wrestling, and that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were merely "good".
* GoodIsNotNice: He claims he and Jeff did not intentionally mess up Joey Mercury's face while wrestling in a ladder match for [[Wrestling/LondonAndKendrick Paul London and Brian Kendrick]]'s tag team championships but was also completely unapologetic about it, citing his own injuries, and mocked Joey's attempts to get revenge on him.
* HarmlessElectrocution: Matt insisted to Reby Sky that a tazer wouldn't hurt too much and had Jeff demonstrate on him, [[SubvertedTrope which did nothing to convince her]].
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: He pulled off his heel turns better than Jeff.
* HypocriticalHumor: "Adding a Hardy to a set world title match at the last second, you know how unfair that is? It's absurd!" Um…remember Bound for Glory, Matt?
* IncomingHam:
** As Version 1. It started with a web search for Matt Hardy, which then "loaded" the titantron before Matt made his way to the ring, with the screen formated to resemble the then-current look of Windows Media Player, whilst "Matt Facts" appeared on the left of the screen (Usually, these were useless bits of trivia). The [[BigYes "OHHH YEAH!"]] which started off his theme music qualifies as well.
** When you turn on ''Impact Wrestling'' and hear the soothing sounds of Music/LudwigVanBeethoven's Moonlight Sonata, you know you're about to hear something ridiculous.
* ItsPersonal: Billy Blade attacking Reby Sky, and just to make it clear why he was doing so, making his final shot the twist of fate. Matt Hardy in turn shaved Billy Blade bald.
* ItWasAGift: As thanks for helping him remain champion and stay one step ahead of the pursuing Briscoe Brothers, Adam Cole gave Matt Jay's personal world title belt, which Matt restyled in his own image, literally.
* KickTheDog: He constantly berated and beat on his "Mattitude Follower", Shannon Moore, for every slight and perceived failure. Then he and Shannon finally had a match on Velocity, where Matt won, but they shook hands in respect and made up afterwards.
* LargeHam:
** As Matt Hardy Version 1.
** Taken to eleven (at least) as "Broken" Matt Hardy
* LaughablyEvil: His "Broken" gimmick is unlike anything in pro wrestling and it is ''hilariously'' cheese.
* ManBitesMan: During their Steel Cage match on Unforgiven 2005, Matt bites Edge's hand, but Edge responds by simply punching him in the face.
** In his match against MVP during 2007's ''The Great American Bash'', he bit MVP's leg to get out of a submission hold.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: During his Version 1 run, he was trying to make weight for a Cruiserweight title match. Stripped down to his boxers, he was still a quarter pound overweight. He removed his boxers, made weight, boisterously celebrated and hugged Shannon Moore before remembering he hadn't put his boxers back on. Moore was thoroughly squicked by the whole thing.
* NotBad: He stood up from the commentators table after Adam Cole successfully defended the ROH television title against Mike Mondo saying he now saw why people compared Cole to him, saying Cole was ''almost'' as good as Matt Hardy ''used'' to be.
* PetTheDog: Shannon eventually got to take out his frustrations against Matt when they were put in a match against each other but he ended up losing anyway, and expected more of the same after the match was over. Instead, Matt applauded him for his effort.
* PowerStable:
** (in WWE): The New Brood, with Jeff and Gangrel
** (in TNA): Immortal
** (in Wrestling/RingOfHonor): SCUM, also affiliated with The Kingdom
* PowerTrio: Team Xtreme with Jeff and Lita, who at times bordered on the above trope, since Trish sometimes served as an unofficial fourth member. Later his little Mattitude movement became one when he added Crash Holly alongside Shannon Moore.
* PutOnABus: Matt got his butt beat by the Briscoes in a no disqualification tag team match, also involving Mike Bennett, and in fact forced Bennett to find a new partner in Matt Taven...well Matt had opted out of ROH to join back up with his brother in TNA.
* ReallyGetsAround: Amid such insulting chants such as accusations that Matt was fat, Steve Corino yelled over the [=ROHbots=] at ''Super Card Of Honor'' that Matt Hardy had slept with more divas than their hero, CM Punk. Predictably, this did little to shift their negative opinion of Matt.
* RedOniBlueOni: Matt is the Blue Oni to Jeff's Red. Although "Broken" Matt is the Red, to both Jeff Hardy and Brother Nero, at least until Willow comes out.
* RedBaron: "Cold Blooded", "The Sensei of Mattitude"
* {{Retcon}}: The whole triangle storyline with Edge and Lita has been retconned with the much reviled Lita/Kane marriage taking its place (ironically, the latter was originally retconned to make room for the former). It was made blatantly obvious during the week of Edge's retirement, where he made numerous references to Lita, thanking her for her part in his career, while not making one mention of Matt, though part of that may have been because Matt's part in his career was being the guy that was cheated on by Lita with Edge. The reasoning for this is most likely due to the nature of Matt's release, where he was all but blackballed from the company.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: After Jeff left the WWE, he indirectly asked Matt to take revenge on Wrestling/CMPunk for getting him kicked out by telling the fans not to cry about his departure, for there was still a Hardy on this show. Matt was ultimately unsuccessful in his efforts against CM Punk but it was not for lack of trying.
* ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules: In one MATTHEW video, he claims the million dollars or so he has earned in the past decade is worthless, save to buy grapes.
* SiblingTeam: Guess who...
* SignatureMove: The Side Effect, not to be confused with the Wrestling/DLoBrown move of the same name — Matt's is usually a clothesline counter into a jumping take down while D'Lo's is a slam.
* SincerityMode: On the ''[[Wrestling/WWERaw Monday Night Raw]]'' following 1999's ''No Mercy'' PPV, Matt and Jeff go out to have a promo against Edge and Christian, when the crowd gives them a standing ovation. [[note]]As a midcarder, he expected a modicum of fan reaction, but this was a cheer worthy of Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin.[[/note]] Matt was so moved that you can see him [[ManlyTears fighting not to cry.]]
* SmallNameBigEgo:
** As Version 1.
** Claimed on Twitter that it was because of him that TNA saw an increase in their ratings following his debut in the company. Apparently, he thinks he's a bigger draw than Wrestling/KurtAngle, who returned at the same time Matt made his debut.
* SoProudOfYou: ''Claimed'' he and Jeff were proud of Caprice Coleman anyway.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe: Originally named his official site [=http://www.thematthardy.com=], later changed to [=http://www.thematthardyshow.com=], leading to [[Wrestling/GailKim other]] [[Wrestling/ShawnMichaels wrestlers]] taking the same approach for their sites.
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Though he didn't have to carry the show as much as Christian or even CM Punk did, Matt was by far the biggest star in WWECW during his time there and his ECW title chase dominated the latter half of 2008 after Punk got drafted to RAW.
* StartMyOwn:
** He and Jeff started the {{Backyard|Wrestling}} Trampoline Wrestling Federation but the TWF did not last too long. Later would come the more legit Omega Wrestling, which Matt would revive after leaving TNA. OMEGA became an affiliate of Pro Wrestling International.
** When Shannon Moore complained about being a mere Mattitude Follower, Matt Hardy suggested that Moore start his own thing. Moore managed to convince Crash Holly to become his follower and dubbed him a Moore-on.
* StartOfDarkness: Edge and Lita's affair was the final nail in the coffin for the original Matt Hardy. After that, there was no going back for him, and it eventually paved the way for "BROKEN" Matt.
* TakeThatUs: Before the Eleventh Ring Of Honor Anniversary show it was announced Matt Hardy would be facing Adam Cole for the television title at the next taping. Cue Matt Hardy coming out and announcing the match between Matt Taven and Cole [[ForegoneConclusion was made as an after thought]]. Sure enough, Adam Cole lost the title to Taven so Hardy did not get a title shot [[NeverTrustATrailer as advertised]].
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: He and Mike Bennett, working together for Adam Cole while he was Ring Of Honor World Champion. They crossover into TerribleTrio if you include Mike Bennett's valet, Wrestling/MariaKanellis and right into FourIsDeath with Adam Cole himself.
* ThreeMonthRule: At the end of TNA's 2014, The Revolution beat the American Wolves for the TNA World Tag Team Titles and the Hardy Boys won a tournament to become number one contenders. When TNA got a new TV deal one of the first things they got out of the way was the Wolves getting their rematch for the belts, which they lost, which would logically give the Hardy Boys the next shot. Despite this the next week featured the Hardy Boys facing the Wolves for number one contender ship without explanation.
* TokenTrio: Before the Kingdom above, Matt knew Maria through one of these in WWE, with him being the white man, Maria the woman, and the Great Khali the minority man.
* TournamentArc: He and Jeff won the Terri Invitational in WWE and the November 2014 number 1 contender's tournament for a shot at The American Wolves in TNA.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Matt Hardy loves green grapes while BROKEN Matt Hardy is more into green beans.
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: There is no shortage of instigators through Matt Hardy's career who had a hand in sending him on the path to becoming BROKEN, both emotionally and as a character.
** One of if not the first major "break" in his path can be attributed to Kane, Lita, and Edge. The Matt Hardy that was always in love with either Lita or his own Mattitude, the one whose biggest problems with other wrestlers were your typical onscreen feuding fare and had no negative bearing on his job security, probably would've never left WWE or would've left on good terms, nor would he have had his faux-suicide meltdown in 2011. Of course, that Matt Hardy died in 2005 and gave way to a vengeful and bitter man bent on retribution when he went through a year of futilely defending his love from Kane only to end up in the hospital, helpless to stop Kane from forcing Lita into a loveless marriage, then finding out that she'd turned romantically to his former close friend Edge behind the backs of everyone involved.
** Reby Sky and Wrestling/EC3 can safely be considered his penultimate major "break". After a path through personal hell and redemption culminated in a marriage to Reby and a son with her named Maxel, he returned to TNA to team with his brother once again, only for said brother to get injured and for both men to go singles, which ultimately led to Matt taking advantage of opportunity to beat Ethan for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Then he effectively lost the title back to Ethan in a straight-up match at the end of a 32-wrestler tournament, and Reby encouraged him to "stop giving and start taking", setting him on the path to becoming a brand-obsessed heel schemer and declaring himself iconic.
** The ultimate "break" of course came with Jeff H…erm, Brother Nero. With Nero's disapproval of the way Matt regained the TNA World Title and then the methods he used to defend it, the brothers found themselves at odds once again.[[note]]That "once again" is another point — they've feuded with each other several times before thanks to Matt's frustration and ego kicking in.[[/note]] This only continued after he lost the championship to Drew Galloway and then they both went after it. Inevitably, this led to the Full Metal Mayhem match in which Jef…Nero dove off the top of the stage with a Swanton onto Matt through a table. The rest is history.
** Oh yes, and, as it mentions below... Wrestling/BrayWyatt, You had to decide to get into a feud with Matt, which left him battered, beaten... oh yes, and Broken. Guess what happened over the following month?
* WomanScorned: Infamously became a [[GenderInvertedTrope gender-inverted example]] during 2005 against Edge and Lita.
* WorkedShoot:
** The whole Lita/Edge affair. Long story short, Lita and Edge [[YourCheatingHeart were having an affair]] and Matt was fired after talking about it. Eventually he was re-hired, [[RealLifeWritesThePlot and the whole scandal was made into a 'storyline']], albeit they made it look like a shoot.
** More real life writing the plot and less worked shoot, but Matt Hardy's increased gut following his burst appendix also made his ice pick submission look more painful.
** The "MATTHEW" videos were a work to get himself fired from WWE, as he had wanted a release for a while, but some people took them seriously including [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]].
** Every iteration of the Matt vs. Jeff feud sees Matt as the heel who's bitter towards Jeff for something or another because Jeff is legitimately the more popular and marketable brother.
* WorthyOpponent: After the Hardy Boys' August 7th tag match at the Chile based Wrestling Superstar ''Fight Forever'' event ended in a [[DoubleKnockout double pin]], Matt Hardy declared Wrestling/TheYoungBucks to be the best tag team in all of pro wrestling.
* WouldHitAGirl: When Matt Hardy came to from Smackdown to Raw (they were separate brands at the time), it was predicted that he would pickup where he left off with Lita, seemingly to propose to her. But since Matt was still a heel and Lita was a face, it was decided to be more interesting if Matt turned on her for no reason and spent a lot of time beating her up, including slamming a cage door on her. He managed to earn Chris Jericho's disgust, who was feuding with Lita and Wrestling/TrishStratus at the time, even wrestling them but not going further than pinning combinations playful spankings at that point. After Trish joined Wrestling/{{Christian}} though, Matt would eventually reform from his Lita beating ways and the two would make up.
* XtremeKoolLetterz: ''Boyz''.
* YouAreFat: These taunts became especially hilarious in Ring of Honor after Matt Hardy became the leader of S.C.U.M. The previous leader, Kevin Steen, was much fatter than Matt.

!! "BROTHER TROPER! I knew you'd come." (BROKEN[=/=]WOKEN Matt Hardy tropes):
* AFatherToHisMen: Clearly important to him are the rest of his "stable". Before seeking revenge on Decay, he ensured that all members of the family were safe and restored, even Brother Nero, who he still needed.
* AffablyEvil: Even though he is now "Broken", he seems to still care a lot about his wife and child, and is very kind towards Señor Benjamin.
* AmnesiacDissonance: Temporarily gained this in November 2016 after taking a fall off a forklift.
* ArcWords: DELETE.
* BreakTheCutie: After a month of being tormenting Jeff, Matt declared Jeff "Broken" after the latter snapped on August 11, 2016 by nailing multiple twist of Fate on their opponents the Tribunal, swantoned their coach and finally swantoned ''himself'', now answering to Brother Nero.
** His secondary break, on WWE, happened in the middle of a feud with Wrestling/BrayWyatt, where, literally beaten to near-exhaustion, he's only able to do two things... A single handed chop and utter the word "DELETE"...
* BunnyEarsLawyer: He is a complete lunatic obsessed with "deleting" enemies. He's also a successful pro wrestler with a loving wife, and dotes on his child Maxel. He has successfully won over and healed an injured Brother Nero, revived an offline Vanguard-1, and has "premon-EEE-tions" with near perfect accuracy.
* ChekhovsGun: During the Final Deletion segment, after being thrown into Matt's lake, his nefarious brother suddenly emerged as Willow and took advantage in the fight, albeit briefly. Come Delete or Decay, it's officially called the Lake of Reincarnation and its functions is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.
* CompanionCube: Has two, Skarsgård, the dilapidated boat (which may or may not be sentient if ''Tag Team Apocalypto'' is to go buy) and Vanguard-1, a drone with a name that goes back to his Version 1 gimmick.
* DarkIsEvil: "Broken" Matt Hardy claims the oldest and most important war in the history of mankind is the light versus the dark. So naturally LightIsGood.
* ExactWords: In the promo before the "Ascension to Hell" ladder match, BROKEN Matt tells Brother Nero that his "premon-EEE-tion" depicted that Jeff would fall off a ladder and then someone else would climb a ladder on top of his motionless body and then get the contract. At the end of the match, Jeff's sprawled out on the mat, and someone does what Matt said...that being Matt ''himself''.
* FateWorseThanDeath: "The Darkness Of Deletion" as he claims is taking out everything inside that makes something and leaving a hollow shell of what it once was.
* FountainOfYouth: The lake on the Hardy estate is seemingly able to revert people (at least temporarily) into previous gimmicks, and heal them. Jeff Hardy to Willow during the Final Deletion, Jeff to the Antichrist and Abyss to Joseph Park during Delete Or Decay. In Tag Team Apocalypto it turns Gregory Helms into both his 3 Count and Hurricane Helms gimmicks.
* HamToHamCombat: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qKi24EsjEM Gets into one]] with Wrestling/DamienSandow (Then going by the name Aron Rex), exchanging '''DELETE!''' and '''TREAT!''' chants at each other.
* HesBack: At the end of November 2017, TNA announced that they're no longer pursuing any legal/copyright claims against the Hardys' BROKEN gimmick. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmF2Ae4Pf2o Which led to this.]]
* ImTakingHimHomeWithMe: On a Reddit AMA on r/squaredcircle, someone asked if Matt was to take his BROKEN persona to WWE, who would be the first deleted. His answer? Wrestling/RomanReigns. r/squaredcircle promptly dubbed him their new mascot.
** Thankfully, for Roman, Bray Wyatt got in the way.
* InsistentTerminology: He is Brother Nero, he is my Obsolete Mule! I deleted everything that made him who he was! J-E-F-F-H-A-R-D-Y does not exist! I own that intellectual property, and anyone who refers to and violates my intellectual property, I will sue for my money's worth!
* InterspeciesFriendship: His most loyal confidant is George Washington, a ''shoot giraffe.''
* LockedIntoStrangeness: His "Broken" condition comes with a skunk stripe in his now wild hair.
* {{Malaproper}}: A symptom of his "Broken" condition. For instance, he calls Wrestling/EC3 "The Third Version Of Carter" and Wrestling/TripleH "The Man with 3 Hs". Others include renaming wrestling promotions such as [[Wrestling/NewJapanProWrestling The New Wrestling in Japan]], [[Wrestling/RingOfHonor The Honorable Wrestling/Honorable Ring]], and [[Wrestling/LuchaUnderground The Subterranean Lucha]].
** Not even tag teams are spared this treatment. A recent (as of April 2017) match on their Expedition of Gold had the Hardys up against the "Bucks of Youth" (The Young Bucks; Matt and Nick Jackson, signed to both NJPW and ROH) and the "Vice of Roppongi" (Roppongi Vice; Beretta and Rocky Romero, currently in NJPW). Interviews and social media posts have also mentioned "The Day of New", due to their record-breaking tag-team success in the WWE.
* NicknamingTheEnemy: To Broken Matt, Jeff is Brother Nero, The Evil Enigma, and now The Obsolete Mule. In fact, Broken Matt categorizes ''all'' of his enemies as Brother Neros, differentiating each one (except Jeff) by adding a part of their name at the end (Brother Nero [[Wrestling/{{EC3}} Ethan]], Brother Nero [[Wrestling/JamesStorm Storm]], Brother Nero [[Wrestling/RomanReigns Reigns]], etc.).
** Even after winning over Brother Nero as an ally, he is still "The Nefarious Brother Nero".
** On the other hand, allies or friends usually get Brother followed by their own middle name such as Brother [[Wrestling/MickFoley Francis]], Brother [[Wrestling/CodyRhodes Garrett]], Brother [[Wrestling/ChrisJericho Keith]], Brother [[Wrestling/{{Christian}} Jason]], etc. with the sole exception of [[Wrestling/JimRoss Mr. Ross]].
** Upon taking on his WOKEN persona and through the start of his feud with Wrestling/BrayWyatt, he has taken to referring to the latter as "the Consumer of Terrestrial Entities".
* OhCrap: The first part of "The Final Deletion" has Matt shooting Jeff with a "Roman candle assault rifle" while screaming "DELETE!" at him over and over. Then, Jeff gets his hands on one of his own...
-->'''Matt''': Brother Neeeero? Brother Neero? It's OVAH! ...OH SHIT! ''([[ScrewThisImOuttaHere flees]])''\\
'''Jeff''': Damn right, "Oh shit!"
* PapaWolf: In the ''DELETE or DECAY'' event, the BROKEN Hardy's put down another hard fought performance, but Matt ensures that his son is safe before any of the battle takes place.
* SignatureLaugh: It either sounds like trying to perform ten different laughs at the same time, or gargling. [[TakeAThirdOption Or both.]]
* StalkerWithoutACrush: To Roppongi Vice, admitting he had put Vanguard 1 on "many" assignments regarding Beretta and Romero. This ended up coming in handy, not only for Hardy's later planned "Expedition Of Gold", but also because The Seven Deities Ordered Matt to challenge The Young Bucks ahead of schedule at ''Manhattan Mayhem'', which in turn put the Hardy Boys on a direct path to Roppongi Vice at the fifteenth anniversary show.
* TimeAbyss: In his broken condition Matt Hardy believes his soul has existed for thousands of years and he was given access to its memories gained through other fleshy vessels. Not all souls actually live very long though, only great ones. Eventually he and Brother Nero train with the soul of the boxer Joe Frazier, reincarnated into a ''kangaroo''.
** Examples of this include how he went to Egypt and explained how he was known as Annunaki, the King in Gold who died at age 47. His twitter account states that he had a reincarnation one hundred years ago in South America.
* WeWantOurJerkBack: After suffering a fall from a ladder, Broken Matt developed amnesia, forgetting about his wrestling career and regressing into a mild-mannered engineer. Despite the fact that this version of Matt was kind, considerate, hard-working, mild-mannered and ostensibly happy, Brother Nero and even his own wife wasted no time in attempting to bring the insane Broken Matt back as soon as possible.
** The general concession of the WWE fanbase when he returned, wanting Broken Matt on WWE. At the start of 2018, [[HesBack They got him.]]
* WhamLine: {{Subverted|Trope}}? At the 2016 ''Final Battle'' Broken Matt had certainly had something to say but whatever it was wasn't audible on the VOD due to reaction that resulted from the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd simply seeing him on the ROH screens. When they quieted down a little he announced he was coming back to get revenge on the ramshackle rednecks and make the spot monkeys obsolete...so one can assume Broken Matt still hates Jay and the WorthyOpponent status of The Young Bucks has been revoked.
** After a short match against Bray Wyatt on November 27th 2017, Matt started breathing heavily from frustration... [[spoiler: [[HesBack before completely snapping and screaming "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!"]] while performing his signature gesture. Just a week later, a video package confirmed what fans suspected. It may be [[WritingAroundTrademarks in a new "Woken" form]], but ''Broken Matt's Back''.]]
* WhatTheHellIsThatAccent: His "Broken" persona has one that's hard to pin down, to put it mildly. Somewhere between his own, a British one, and a Kenyan one. [[{{Kayfabe}} According to him]], it's from a thousand years up into the future.
* WhereItAllBegan: His third match in the saga to rid himself of Jeff...Brother Nero...ended up taking place in a backyard.
* WritingAroundTrademarks: While Matt sorts his legal issues out with TNA, he and Jeff have been using the normal Hardy Boyz gimmick and music etc, with Matt still having his Broken hairdo, and using the Delete! gestures. Wrestling journalists have stated he's going to be going full on Broken again once it's all sorted out. As expected, when Matt got back his trademark, WWE decided to give him the gimmick, which now has two versions, one that would be under WWE creative control, "Woken" Matt, while the "Broken" character rights remain with Matt.