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"I now, more and more, appreciate when I'm in a group of good people and get to work in good movies and projects. I'm wildly grateful and appreciative."

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Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum (born October 22, 1952) is, uh, an American actor, uh, known for his portrayal, uh, of quirky/nerdy characters, as well as his, um, unique form of, uh, di-dialogue delivery, which, uh, has became one of the most memorable parts of his, uh, career, averting the, um, t-trope that Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic. He, uh, also was the, uh, subject of an early internet meme in the, um, late 1990s, in which a, uh, sc-sc-sc-screenshot from, uh, The Fly (1986) was given the, uh, caption "Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop!" Ah, uh, fame.

And he is, um, actually alive, despite what, uh, Google tells you. Same goes for, uh, Stephen Colbert and, uh, Goldblum himself, and, uh, yeah.


Though, uh, typecast as white and, um, nerdy—NERDY eccentric intellectual types, Goldblum has, uh, been quite The Casanova in real life. His-his, uh, second wife was none other than, uh, Geena Davis, and he had a long—LONG-time relationship with, uh, actress Laura Dern, whom he met on-on-on the set of Jurassic Park.

He has, uh-um, appeared in:

Tropes, ahem, commonly associated with Jeff Goldblum's work:

  • Gibbering Genius: Typecast as such. Maybe this trope's patron saint. In the interests of space, the trope lists exceptions for him rather than examples.
  • Jewish and Nerdy: Most blatant in Independence Day.
  • Older Than They Look: His hair may be going grey, but he still looks pretty good for someone born in 1952.
  • Role Reprisal: He returned as David Levinson in Independence Day: Resurgence and is currently set to reprise his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World 2.
  • Running Gag:
  • Tall, Dark and Handsome: At 6'4½", he's one of the tallest A-list actors in Hollywood, second only to Tim Robbins' and Vince Vaughn's 6'5".
  • Tall, Dark and Snarky: Often cast as this, and seems to has a streak of this off camera as well.
  • Verbal Tic: He tends to stutter and "um" and "uh" while speaking. Lends to a bit of irony to casting him as Aaron, the brother of Moses, in The Prince of Egypt, as in the original book, Moses begs for Aaron to speak for him because he lacks his stutter.

"And, uh, like that, we didn't expect a troper to suddenly-suddenly reach the end of this page. Here I am now by myself, um, talking to myself. That's-that's Chaos Theory."