Creator: Tim & Eric

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, Tim & Eric for short, are a comedy/video art duo who specialize in wackiness. They met as undergraduates at Temple University in Philadelphia (Eric is from nearby Norristown, while Tim is from Allentown, a bit further away). They are best known for their [adult swim] shows Tom Goes To The Mayor, Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Check It Out With Dr Steve Brule, Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories and the upcoming show Tim & Eric Go to the Moon, as well as the 2012 film Tim And Erics Billion Dollar Movie and its upcoming sequel Tim & Eric's Trillion Dollar Movie. In addition, they also:

Oh, and by the way: Yes, those were made on drugs. Just not when they were working.

Alternative Title(s):

Tim And Eric