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Jewish and Nerdy
Jews are, perhaps, the originators of the modern Nerd stereotype. Why? Maybe their long, scholarly tradition, maybe their immigrant past (comparable to Asian and Nerdy and the Bollywood Nerd), maybe their overbearing Education Mamas, maybe for some other weird reason. But for whatever reason, you will rarely see a stupid Jew on TV (unless they're more of a Ditzy Genius or Genius Ditz).

This can, of course, bring up controversy as to what, exactly, constitutes a nerd, whether Jewish or otherwise. Is a nerd any extremely smart person, or an extremely smart person without social skills, or an extremely smart person without social skills and a grotesque appearance? Then, of course, there's the controversy over what makes a person Jewish: is it race, religion, or a certain cultural je ne sais quoi? Whatever the case, there have been many "nerdy" people wearing eyeglasses who have been mistaken for Jews, and vice versa. (It sounds like a joke, but it did happen often in the past, so much that Arthur Miller actually wrote a play about the concept.)

Compare Asian and Nerdy and Bollywood Nerd, two other ethnic nerd stereotypes; and Hollywood Nerd for the general appearance. Contrast Matzo Fever and Black and Nerdy, both inversions of a more prevalent ethnic stereotype. Intelligence as a character trait may lead to instances of Ambiguously Jewish, thanks to this trope.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • Billy/Wiccan from Young Avengers. In a team where every member is some degree of Ascended Fanboy, he's still one of the biggest nerds, and goes from Ambiguously Jewish to canonically Jewish during The Children's Crusade.
  • Gert(rude Yorkes) from Runaways
  • Kitty Pride from X-Men; in the comic she wears a Star of David necklace.



Live-Action TV


Video Games
  • The entire Emmerich family line from the Metal Gear series, but Otacon most of all.

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