Film / Nine Months

Nine Months is a 1995 romantic comedy directed by Chris Columbus and starring Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore. It is the story of Samuel, a self-absorbed child therapist who goes into a panic when his girlfriend discovers that she's pregnant.

This film contains examples of:

  • Babies Make Everything Better: Played with, in that initially, Sam's life seems to be spinning out of control after Rebecca becomes pregnant, but ultimately, becoming a father forces him to grow up.
  • Baby Factory: Gail has already had three kids and is preparing for a fourth. It's implied that Marty will keep getting her pregnant until she has a boy.
  • But We Used a Condom: Rebecca was on the pill, but that 97% success rate...
  • Funny Foreigner: Dr. Kosevich, the Russian OB-GYN that Sam and Rebecca keep getting stuck with.
  • Incompetence, Inc.: The hospital in the climax. If all the women in town go into contractions during a full moon, then shouldn't the hospital be better prepared for this? It only happens 12 times a month after all.
  • Irony: Sam is a therapist whose practice apparently specializes in children, yet has no idea how to raise a kid himself.
  • Not Wanting Kids Is Weird: Samuel's friend Sean seems to enjoy the swinging bachelor life, but later admits to being miserable because he's all alone.
  • The Peter Principle: Dr. Kosevich was originally a successful veterinarian in Russia. After accepting a job in America working with people, it's all too clear that he's in way over his head.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: One of Marty and Gail's daughters reads Harlequin romance novels and acts them out in front of Sam.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Samuel is obviously meant to be portrayed as selfish and immature for not being enthusiastic over his girlfriend's pregnancy, but given that the pregnancy was completely unplanned and required a lot of compromise on his part (such as getting rid of his beloved cat), you can understand why he had reservations.
  • Volleying Insults:
    Sam: Think, you commie bastard!
    Kosevich: Shut up, you limey prick!
  • Who's Your Daddy?: After meeting with Dr. Kosevich, Samuel does the math and realises that Rebecca would have been impregnated on a day that he was out of town. A false alarm as it turns out that Dr. Kosevich had the computer calibrated for simians for some reason.larm as it turns out that Dr. Kosevich had the computer calibrated for simians for some reason.