Administrivia / Pages Needing an Entry Pimp
This would be an entry-level pimp, rather than an Entry Pimp, but you get the idea.

Quite often, examples get added to a trope or series page that aren't reciprocated — crosswicked, in TV Tropes parlance — on the page it links back to, and vice versa. It happens to the best of us, whether we're forgetful, lazy or otherwise engaged at a given hour. Sometimes you end up with a page that has only, oh, 15 examples, but 30 other pages that also linked back to it. This is where the services of the Entry Pimp are the most useful.

This is not Pages Needing Wicks, Works Needing Tropes or Tropes Needing Examples, for under-exposed pages; this is for established pages of any size with the above-described link imbalance (which can be verified by clicking the "Related To" button at the top of the page). Sometimes this also means deleting examples that are incorrect. If you're running into a lot of bad examples you might want to bring it up in Trope Repair Shop.

If you add a page to the list, also add the imbalance (wicks / examples) if possible.

Alternative Title(s): Pages Needing An Entry Pimp