Video Game / Dust: A Tale Of The Wired West

"Five days. One town. No law."

Dust is a 1995 Wild West Adventure Game created by Cyberflix similar to (and taking place in the same universe as) Titanic: Adventure Out of Time from the same company. The story takes place in 1882 in which the player takes the role of a man only known as "The Stranger" who has to escape trough the desert fleeing from a group of outlaws led by"The Kid". You end up in the small town of Diamondback in the deserts of New Mexico. The story takes place over five days and the player has to talk to the numerous inhabitants of the city, dig deep into it's many mysteries and secrets and prepare for another confrontation with The Kid and his gang.

Most of the game is presented in a Myst-like first-person Point-and-Click Game-perspective. It also includes some elements of shooters.

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Tropes used in this game: