Video Game / Energy Breaker

A 1996 Strategy RPG for the SNES, in Isometric Projection. Quite under appreciated. Developed by Neverland and published by Taito, the same company that made the better known Lufia series. The game even contains many elements from that series, including the "Priphea Flowers" theme.

Plot and Setting Tropes:

Characterization Tropes:

Gameplay Tropes:

  • Combination Attack: Several of Dorothy's attacks use Pygma, while several of Lenardo's use Gulliver. However, gameplay wise, they aren't much like combination attacks, as they're fully under the control of individual playable characters, as Lenardo's abilities depend merely on Gulliver's presence, but still use his location's range, and Pygma only shows up when Dorothy calls an attack.
  • Dual Wielding: Leon uses two swords.
  • Power Copying: How Star learns his skills. You have to kill certain monsters using Star's normal attack, and Star will gain the ability to transform into said monster, in order to use his attack.
  • Stone Wall: Gulliver, can't attack but is invincible, can fly, and serves to block enemies movements. The exact usefulness of this, depends on the terrain, though.
  • Summon Magic: You gain the ability to summon the Sekrilata in late game.
  • Time-Limit Boss: Not just bosses — all battles have a turn limit, and if you take too long, it's instant game over. Luckily there are items, than can increase the limit.