Video Game: Shadow Watch

Shadow Watch is a 2000 Microsoft Windows video game by Red Storm Entertainment. It is a turn-based tactics game in which the player fights a conspiracy to halt construction of an international space station. It is based on the Tom Clancy's Power Plays novel Shadow Watch.

The player's team consists of six operatives, each of which has a specialist skill. These abilities can be upgraded and characters learn moves after enough experience points are earned.

Missions are somewhat randomised, and the story mode will branch out into multiple paths. The game features a diverse array of mission types, including stealing a package, retrieving a hostage, defending a location and so on. Missions typically have a difficulty and alarm rating, some missions will automatically fail if the alarm is sounded.

In a mission, characters have a certain number of action points (APs). Most actions (shooting weapons, opening doors) cost 1 AP, whereas some moves can consume more. Characters can get injured, and a severe injury will automatically fail the mission.

The music for the game was composed by Bill Brown.

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This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Church of Happyology: The Order of Light's religious beliefs are described as a mix of Roman Catholicism, Zen Buddhism and Scientology.
  • Cold Sniper: Maya is not an evil character, but she is notably more quiet and reserved than the other characters.
  • Combat Medic: Maya can learn to heal her teammates in addition to being a sniper.
  • Cult: The Order of Light in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Dynamic Entry: Bear can learn how to do this.
  • Escort Mission: Kidnap and Rescue missions, although the escortee is seemingly incapable of being harmed.
  • Five-Token Band: The team includes Archer (a black British man), Lily (an Anglo-Chinese woman) and Rafael (a dark-skinned Brazilian man), whereas the other three characters are white.
  • Hollywood Silencer: Lily's Hush Puppy and Archer's silenced MP5.
  • Hong Kong: One of the three locations in the game.
  • Isometric Projection
  • Last Name Basis: Archer.
  • Master of Unlocking: Three - Gennady can learn to pick locks, Rafael can learn blow them open with a small charge and Bear can learn to kick them down (or even charge through them with an enemy standing on the other side).
  • Non-Action Guy: Gennady is the only character who does not carry a weapon and cannot defend himself in any way.
  • RPG Elements: The characters gain experience after missions and can learn new skills.
  • Stealth-Based Mission: Certain kinds of mission require that the alarm not be sounded, necessitating a sneaky approach. Lily and Gennady are particularly well-suited to these kinds of mission.
  • Stealth Expert: Lily. She carries a silenced pistol, can silently knock out enemies with her bare hands and can even make herself invisible to enemies a certain distance away by crouching. One skill she can learn even allows her to infiltrate locations alone and complete missions by herself.
  • Story Branching: The game features a degree of randomization and was marketed as being a different game every time one played it (the manual claims that each campaign can proceed 162 ways depending on randomization and player choice). In practice, however, the randomization didn't affect the actual gameplay all that much.
  • Twenty Minutes into the Future: The game revolves around the construction of an international space station in the near future.