Western Animation / Rekkit Rabbit

Rekkit Rabbit is a French Saturday Morning cartoon from the same stable of creators that came up with Totally Spies!, Team Galaxy and Monster Buster Club.

Rekkit Rabbit is about Jay Shmufton, your typical 12-year-old who lives in the suburbs with his mom and stepdad. In the first episode of the series Jay accidentally summons a giant 10-foot tall magic rabbit called Rekkit, who soon became his best friend. Rekkit Rabbit ran away from his job as a magician's assistant in Chakabrak, and crashed into Jay's world and life. Rekkit is supernatural and magical, and can basically do anything, except he's not very adept at sorcery and this usually causes problems.

Alongside his friends SK, Wally and Bean, the kids usually run amok.

It airs on Disney XD.

Rekkit Rabbit provides examples of the following tropes: