Laugh Themselves Sick

The most common physical response to an in-universe Crowning Moment of Funny: a character gripping his stomach in pain and laughing hard enough to make their eyes start watering. Some characters may remain standing, others may roll around on the floor or have to sit down.

Not related to Die Laughing...usually.


Anime and Manga
  • In the Great Teacher Onizuka manga, Kunio Murai spots Onizuka walking around with an ugly, fat older woman, and has this reaction before learning that the lady in question is his friend's mother.
    Kunio: BWA HA HA HA HA! I thought bestiality was illegal in this country!
  • In his climatic fight vs. Odin, Kenichi Shirahama starts to imitate his various masters in order to throw off Odin's Awesomeness by Analysis Kung-Fu Clairvoyance. Some masters cheer with pride at seeing Kenichi imitate them, while others nervously deny that they look or sound like that - and then Kenichi delivers a spot-on imitation of Akisame Koetsuji, complete with short lecture. Akisame states his approval...while the other masters crack up. Even Kousaka Shigure has a hard time holding it in.
  • Commonly displayed by the Hikaru and Kaoru in Ouran High School Host Club, particularly when they manage to get the better of Tamaki. See the episode where Tamaki utterly fails to impersonate Haruhi and resulting Ocular Gushers from the laughing twins.
    • Haruhi herself gets her turn to laugh in episode 9 when the boys of the Host Club all crossdress in an attempt to win her over.
  • An earlier episode of One Piece has Nami and Usopp dying of laughter after Zoro shoved his glass of water down Luffy's throat where the latter had flicked a booger into it.
    • This occured during the Enies Lobby arc between two members of CP9, Jabra and Kaku, both of whom are Zoan-type Devil Fruit users. Jabra is a wolf, and a giraffe. The first time Jabra sees his comrade's transformation, both in full-giraffe and half-giraffe forms, he laughs himself silly. Kaku finally tells him to shut it, which Jabra does...for a couple of seconds, upon which Kaku's long ears twitch twice and sends Jabra into gut-busting hysterics. Then Kaku actually starts fighting with it. And shears the entire Enies Lobby headquarters in half.
  • In the third Puella Magi Madoka Magica drama CD, Mami makes Kyoko call an attack while fighting a witch as payback for when she ridiculed Mami's tendency to give her attacks names. Kyoko eventually complies, but once the battle is over, she laughs so hard she can't breathe because she found it so absurd and embarrassing.
  • In Kiki's Delivery Service, Kiki falls victim to this after the bicycle she and Tombo are riding goes over a cliff, but they're miraculously unharmed. Her face eventually twists into a somewhat pained expression when the laughter becomes too much for her.

Fan Fic
  • In A Growing Affection, Anko suffers a fit of uncontrollable laughter (even dropping what she is holding and gasping for breath) after she finds out where Hinata hid during the stealth and tracking test. Hinata went to Naruto's apartment and watched him practice his weapons, going so far as to ask him to take off his shirt, first.

  • A short but simple example from near the end of Mattimeo
    Orlando laughed so hard he hurt his jaw.
  • In Quest for Glory IV, after you use the Ultimate Joke, Ad Avis laughs like crazy and clutches his abdomen, giving you the opportunity to skewer or zap him to death.

Web Comic

Web Video
  • Jerma985 tends to laugh himself hard enough into a headache with all the wacky shits that has occurred in the game he played, most prominently GTA4.
  • TotalBiscuit wound up in the hospital after a particularly funny game of Superfight caused him to strain himself laughing.

Western Animation