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George Paul Blagden (born December 28, 1989) is a London-based film and stage actor who is best known for his role of the cynical revolutionary Grantaire in the award winning movie-musical adaptation Les MisÚrables (2012) (dir. Tom Hooper), though his other endeavours in film include appearances in Wrath of the Titans and The Philosophers. He also stars in the television series Vikings as the monk Athelstan, and french tv series Versailles as king Louis XIV.

Blagden began singing at age 13, performing in various choirs and his own rock band. He attended the Oundle School with a Drama scholarship and appeared in the school's Stahl Theatre in such roles as The Baker in Into the Woods and Marc in 'Art'. Also while at Oundle, Blagden became a member of the National Youth Theatre and was selected as one of four students to participate in a masterclass with Sir Ian Kellen. Following his graduation, he studied Acting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, from which he graduated in 2011.

Known as unbelievably dorky but charming to his so far few, but loyal fans, Blagden is friendly and easygoing off-camera, and enjoys interacting with his fans when he makes appearances.

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