Literature / The Girl Who Could Fly

The Girl Who Could Fly is a book by Victoria Forester that starts out with your typical farm girl in your typical Midwestern town. Her hobbies include milking cows, speaking in a Funetik Aksent, and practicing her flying skills. Wait, what?

It's Little House on the Prairie meets X-Men. The story follows Piper McCloud from birth, where her family discovers that she can float. Her parents try to keep her from the other children and convince her that floating is bad, but an insatiable curiosity soon grips hold of her, and one day she jumps off the roof to try flying. Luckily, she succeeds. It's not long before word gets out, and we learn that a town that could, as far as we know, be in the 1860s is still in the modern age as a helicopter arrives to take her to the Institute of Normalcy, Stability, And Non-Exceptionality. Just look at the acronym if the name doesn't convey the intention well enough.

A sequel, The Boy Who Knew Everything, was released in 2015.