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Music: Wedlock
Paul Allgood, Wade Clovis

Wedlock formed circa 2004 in Richmond, VA. Paul Allgood( vox, sampling) and Jeff Hathaway(programming, keyboards) were its original members. They did a couple Eps together; then Jeff formed his own production company and Paul kept going with Wedlock in live form. Exogamy was a 2008 debut that eventually reached #40 on Out Voice's LGBT chart, and also contained their most successful single to date "Black Sundress"(#9 Amazon mp3).Their follow up, Continuity was voted runner- up in Music Emissions'(A Canadian E-Zine) Indie Band Of The Year contest.

Allgood has been the sole remaining original member, and continues to record and perform as Wedlock with many others, much like Pere Ubu, only not nearly as famous.

Former members :

  • Jason Bowden
  • Kirk Bryson
  • Jonathan Kidder
  • Greg Klaiber (live)
  • David Mendez
  • Ana Mitchell
  • Chris Scendo
  • Baxter Smith
  • Lee Whitsel


  • 2006 — Matrimony (EP)
  • 2007 — Cuts Both Ways Maxisingle
  • 2008 — Discopharma Maxisingle
  • 2008 — Exogamy (Album)
  • Still Unsatisfied Single
  • Reverend Charisma Single
  • Black Sundress Single
  • 2009 — Continuity (Album)
  • 2010 — Witnesses (EP)
  • 2013 — Black Sundress (Hagiphonic)

Wedlock has examples of the following tropes:

  • RevolvingDoorBand: Apart from Paul Allgood, has featured a different line up on each of its releases. For a band called Wedlock, there's a lot of musical "divorce" (10 member changes and counting?) going around.

  • DreadlockRasta - Though not a Rastatafarian, Paul Allgood wears his hair in this style.
  • ProtestSong - The song "Allegiance?" WTF?! is a track with an anti Bush(complete with vox sample)anti- oligarchy, anti-war sentiment.
  • Cultofpersonality - Their song "Reverend Charisma" is about cult leader Jim Jones.
  • IdiosyncraticAlbumTheming - "Matrimony," "Exogamy," "Continuity" all end in "y", as Allgood purposely tries to use one-word titles either pertaining to marriage or the "y" ness of something.

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