Film / Hart's War

Hart's War is a 2002 World War II drama directed by Gregory Hoblit and starring Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell and Terrence Howard.

Lt. Hart (Farrell) is captured in the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge and sent to a POW Camp. An escape attampt is hatching, and a prisoner is murdered to cover it up, so it's up to Hart to conduct the court martial.

Provides examples of the following:

  • Anti-Villain: Colonel Visser, Type I. He is genuinely Affably Evil, he doesn't share the fanatical hatred of other races characteristic of Nazis in film, he understands that War Is Hell and the price it can demand of those who fight in it and their families and even borders on being a Reasonable Authority Figure.
  • Cool Plane: The P-51D Mustang. See Death from Above below.
  • Death from Above: P-51 Mustangs attack the POW camp. Unfortunately, it's a case of Friendly Fire.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: A couple of German soldiers dress as Military Police in the opening scene, set during the Battle of the Bulge. Truth in Television, as there was an entire unit of them dedicated to doing this during that battle.
  • No Name Given: One guard is listed as "Lowly Guard", and the sergeant who gives Hart his coat is listed "Boxcar Sergeant".
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: The Nazis are kind of a given, although Colonel Visser seems far more open-minded than most of them. Sergeant Bedford's racism is far more pronounced, however, and what kicks off the plot of the story.
  • POW Camp: Interestingly, the adjacent camp holding Russian soldiers seems to be a concentration camp, with the soldiers not being fed and forced to work in a munitions factory (disguised as a shoe factory).