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“There is one legend who has the essence of all these things: the glamour, the soul, the passion, the strength, the talent. Ladies and gentlemen, stand to your feet and give it up for the Queen.”

Tina Turner (born Anna Mae Bullock, November 26, 1939) is an American singer, actress, dancer, and author. Her life story is the subject of the 1993 Biopic What's Love Got to Do with It, loosely based on her autobiography, I Tina. The film explores Turner's early life and relationship with guitarist/bandleader Ike Turner. Tina Turner had a long musical career and a string of hits on the R&B, Pop, and Rock charts until her semi-retirement in 2000.

Film contributions include:

Some tropes associated with Tina Turner include:

  • Breakup Breakout: She rose to fame riding with Ike Turner, but became even more successful once she left him. Granted she didn't have much competition, as Ike's reputation was permanently soured when word got out about how awful he had been to her.
  • Broken Bird: Despite many early hardships and Ike's abuse, Tina became a huge success.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: In the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, but also on stage and in real life. It is, of course, not natural, either through dying or wigs.
  • Disappeared Dad / Parental Abandonment: Tina's father was not around, and she was shuttled around various family members throughout her youth. Later, Tina raised her children and Ike's as a single mother.
  • Drugs Are Bad: Due to Ike's struggles with cocaine and alcohol addiction, Turner has always been vehemently anti-drug. Ironically, she would later play The Acid Queen.
  • Ethical Slut: In songs like "Steamy Windows", "What's Love Got To Do With It" and "Afterglow". Writer Cheryl Lavin has called her "the high priestess of raunch and roll".
  • Grandma, What Massive Hotness You Have!: Even during her retrospective tour at 70, she looked amazing, and those legs haven't aged a second.
  • Hairstyle Malfunction : According to I, Tina, her trademark wigs started as a result of a hairstyling accident. Most of her hair had been burned off, so she and the Ikettes began wearing long wigs.
  • Large Ham: Her performances get passionate and over-the-top pretty often (examples include "Proud Mary", "Private Dancer", and "GoldenEye").
    "You see, we never EVER do anything... nice... and easy..."
  • She's Got Legs: Often wears very short skirts, notably on the Private Dancer cover
  • Stage Names: She was born Anna Mae Bullock. Ike Turner decided to rename her Tina inspired by Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, and once they became life partners his surname came along. She had to win a court battle to keep the name and the recognition that came with it after their divorce.
  • Vague Age: When she was in her teens she looked to be in her early twenties. When she was in her twenties and thirties she often looked older. Since she was around fifty (she's now in her early 70s), she has looked pretty much the same.