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Webcomic: Maggot Boy
Website for the comic can be found here
Chainey wakes up dead in a dump one way to find himself in a very strange and unfamiliar situation. Enter Maggot Boy, the resident hero, who takes Chainey under his wing so to speak. Shenanigans occur!
— Official description of Maggot boy on co-creator Jess's deviantart

Maggot boy is a webcomic co-written by Kris and Jess.

Chainey is a narcoleptic amnesiac who meets the self-proclaimed hero of Soverign City, Maggot Boy (a.k.a. Davey) after waking up dead in a land fill. Together they protect the city from zombies. Actually, it's more like a zombie, but he's a very troublesome one.

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This webcomic provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Maggot Boy
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