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Split off from Fantasy Webcomics. These consist of webcomics which use common horror tropes (ghosts, vampires, werewolves) and/or actually attempt to scare the reader.
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  • Accursed Dragon: A lighthearted sword and sorcery adventure. When a man becomes cursed into the form of a dragon, he meets allies and enemies while enduring the quest to become human again.
  • Adler's Watch: A duo of two female paranormal investigators and a Fish Out of Temporal Water who is related to one of them go after paranormal beasts in Austin, Texas.
  • After Lily: Follows the story of an assistant Grim Reaper and her helpers.
  • All Manner Of Bad: The Zombie Apocalypse has begun. The dead walk the earth, and a group of co-workers holed up in a warehouse try to figure out how to survive.
  • All Over The House: Follows the adventures of a cynical journalist and a demonologist barrister.
  • The Angry Dead: The teenager Ryan struggles to survive the Zombie Apocalypse and prove his worth to his fellow survivors...oh wait, he just got infected.
  • Annyseed: The adventures of a young vampire girl; which become more and more menacing with each chapter.
  • Aurora Danse Macabre: After the end of the world, a group of teenagers and young children try to survive in what's left, as reality slowly fractures around them.
  • Awful Hospital: An interactive comic about a woman who wakes up in a strange, otherworldly hospital filled with monsters, and now must search for her lost child.
  • Bayou: Set in 1933 in the Deep South. A young black girl goes down into the Bayou to bring back a girl her father is Wrongly Accused of having murdered. Part Magic Realism, part horror.
  • Bearmageddon: A Mad Scientist's mutated bears run amok. The Slacker Joel is caught in the middle.
  • The Bend: "A comic vaguely about cannibalism." A comic about a geomancer named Leonard, his cannibal brother Hans and his partner Garrett, as they try to take down a brainwashing cult.
  • Blip: The story of K, a girl that, according to Lucifer, was a great cosmic mistake on God's part, and her friends, most of whom are involved with the supernatural in one way or another.
  • Bloody Urban : A bit like Friends, but in Australia, and with vampires.
  • The Bongcheon-Dong Ghost: a girl walking in the middle of the night meets a creepy woman...
  • Braceface Fangface: Fancomic of Braceface featuring the character encountering a local vampire that has recently move into the neighborhood.
    • Brock Of The Undead: Spin off of Braceface Fangface that focus on Brock Leighton after he turned into a vampire.
  • Book Of Lies: A collection of short stories written by a single author and illustrated by many different artists.
  • Broodhollow: An anxiety ridden man in The Great Depression recieves a windfall that provides him with a very good reason to stay in a Town with a Dark Secret. He believes his superstitions may allow him to understand and survive what's going on... and he'd better hope he's right.
  • Building12: A dorm full of misfits deals with zombies, aliens, former students trying to take over the college with military might, and the corrupt board of the college that makes deals with demons.
  • The Call Of Whatever: Humor comic set in the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Carnies: A horror-comedy webcomic hosted on Drunk Duck that follows the events surrounding an Amusement Park of Doom.
  • Castlevania RPG: A comic based on the Castlevania computer game series.
  • Charby the Vampirate: A comic with huge and diverse cast of fantasy creatures focusing much on character development with the line between main and supporting characters often blurred due to the story's development of almost all characters important enough to name. The eponymous Charby being an Elite Vampire, a sub-race of truly immortal vampires (as opposed to those wimps to die from a simple stake to the heart) who's importance has yet to be fully explained.
  • Chicken Outfit [1]: Drawing inspiration from 80's horror films, underground comix and first-hand office culture, Chicken Outfit is a phantasmagoria of horror, science fiction and characters dressed in really stupid costumes.
  • Chopping Block: One-panel comics (a la The Far Side) concerning the day-to-day travails of a hockey-masked serial killer. Pure black humor, mining the various tropes of horror and slasher films for their most ludicrous applications. It has a somewhat irregular update schedule.
  • Clan of the Cats: The story of Chelsea Chattan, a Were Cat and a witch, trying to cope with her inner demons, the occasional outer demon, and her destiny.
  • College Roomies from Hell!!!: Six mismatched college students grapple with exams, breakups and the prophesied End of All Things, all of which occur at least once a year. The author is Mexican, which possibly informs the strip's unique sensibilities; poised halfway between surreal Latin Soap Opera (larger than life characters, outrageous plot twists and completely deadpan supernatural happenings) and a looser, more anarchic cousin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Has been running near-continuously since 1999.
  • Contemplating Reiko: The routine(And gory) goings-on of the Mouryou demon clan.
  • The Continentals: A webcomic set in post Jack the Ripper England where Continental Operative Jeffrey Tiffen Smythe and his gender bending partner the adventress Lady Fiona Fiziwigg investigating a series of brutal "mangling" murders uncovers a tangled web of intrigue, adventure — and murder!
  • CROWLEY. A Spanish webcomic centered in the adventures of an Anti Anti Christ turned supernatural detective/exorcist and his ghostly sidekick. Together, They Fight Crime... or try to stop the Apocalypse, or wathever. Shifts between humor, horror and a little Gorn.
  • Cry Havoc: Four mercenaries are turned into werewolves in a pseudo feudalistic world. Prophesied to destroy the world they struggle with their destinies and the power they have inherited. With liberal application of violence and the basic nature of a story about soldiers of fortune, its not one for the kiddies...
  • "Cthulhu Slippers": An office comedy about the world after the return of The Great Old Ones. Human sacrifice, black magic and terrible customer service.
  • Daisy Is Dead: A horror comedy about a girl turned into a zombie by lightning.
  • Damsels Don't Wear Glasses: An urban fantasy/action comic about Lave Faraday, an Action Girl tasked with keeping her city's paranormal residents in check.
  • Dangerously Chloe: Another Eerie Cuties spin-off, centered on the succubus Chloe.
  • Daniel: A dramatic horror comic about Daniel Groth, an unfortunate man turned vampire. It is set in the 1930s.
  • The Darklords Echoes: The zany adventures of the son of a demon god in a wacky infernal world.
  • The Deadlys: Comedy webcomic about a family composed of a masked killer, a vampire and their half hybrid daughter who go about their daily lives in a neighborhood filled with monsters.
  • Dead Duck: Comedy about a Duck who works as a grim keeper for the afterlife with a chicken headed zombie as an assistant.
  • Dead Metaphor [2]: A zombie comedy, or 'zomedy', about a teenaged girl in a world plagued by zombie outbreaks. It seems to be halfway between Slice of Life and splatter comedy.
  • Dead Of Summer: The Zombie Apocalypse as experienced by the city of Baltimore; in particular, the main character, Nick, and other survivors/random people he meets along the way. Also has an evil zoologist, his not-evil wife, an undead monkey named Tito, and The Protomen. Is very awesome.
  • Dead Winter: The Zombie Apocalypse, as told by Lizzie, former waitress with an English degree. Unusual in that most of the time other humans are a bigger threat than the zombies.
  • Death and the Maiden: A Magic Realism comic about an average girl and her interactions with Death. Hilarity Ensues in the first volume, but the second falls victim to a case of Cerebus Syndrome.
  • Demon Candy Parallel: Johnathan accidently sells his soul and tries to win it back by spending a year with Victoria while resisting her attempts to enslave him.
  • Demon Eater: Saturno is a demon in a world of demons. Demons grow by eating other demons. Saturno wants to survive without having to worry. Thus, he'll eat other demons until he's large enough to be safe.
  • Demon Planet: Lion Man hunts the lions for nourishing lion steaks, and enlists the help of Dig Doug and Zombie to defeat the schemes of Unholy Gorilla.
  • Demonology 101: A completed Urban Fantasy comic about the life of a demon raised among humans.
  • Demoon: The story of a girl and a demon stuck together after a truck accident.
  • DevilBear: A comic about teddy-bear-Hell and the silly adventures of its ruler, Bearalzebub.
  • Eerie Cuties: Follows the adventures of Layla and Nina Delacroix, two vampire sisters, at Charybdis Heights.
  • Evil Diva: It's set in a modern world where angels and demons go to school and work together. Starring the eponymous Diva Beelze, an average 12-year-old girl who although being a devil, can only find herself doing good things for others.
  • Face All Red: An enigmatic 10-page horror comic, reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe.
  • False Positive [3]: a very well-drawn horror anthology webcomic
  • Frankenstein Superstar: An adults-only humorous horror webcomic. The Monster & his bodacious Bride living in NYC. Sex, marriage, pop culture, politics, superheroes & monsters. By New York based illustrator/animator John Hazard.
  • Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name: A sugarcoated horror about a guy with a girly name who wants to be an Occult Detective, his zombie friend, and a bunch of other people he's managed to drag into his misadventures.
  • Hell Bastard Comix [4]: What started as a very loosely connected series of MS Paint drawings on Something Awful based on the title Goon's avatar quickly took on a life of its own, spinning into the origin tale(s) of Heinrich Von Bastard, The Giant Pirate, who is the inexplicably human(oid abomination, when he's not a giant floating skull) son of a giant alien eyeball with tentacles and a devil.
  • Hellbound: A Black Comedy about Guy's quest to get an ancient sacred relic, with the company of a demon, a dog, and a dumbass.
  • Hello Cthulhu: The Elder God Cthulhu + Hello Kitty. Rejoice.
  • Hemlock: A witch who lives in a giant snail with a three eyed frog in a hat who was a human but fell off his horse.
  • Holiday Wars
  • The Horrifying Experiments of Dr. Pleasant!: A story about Dr. Pleasant and his HIDEOUS creations with a 50s pulp horror vibe.
  • Jack: A Furry Webcomic which takes place mostly in hell, long after the death of most of the cast. The main character is the personification of the sin of wrath, and as his punishment must act as the Grim Reaper. Hell is detached from the passage of time on earth, and so the earth shown can appear in any time period from the second middle-ages to a far-future furry Vs. alien war, but conveniently when characters visit earth they usually seem to end up in the equivalent of the early 21 centaury.
  • Jerkbox And Punknhead: Blackly humorous, episodic stories set mostly in a Tim Burton-inspired Hell, in which people exist as grotesque caricatures of what they were in life. The eponymous, somewhat disturbing protagonists are the two most feared hitmen in Hell, often carrying out wet work for Big Jack Satan himself.
  • June: In a town controlled by communist talking dogs, a boy with a paper bag on his head tries to find his mother. Surreal Horror at its finest.
  • The Kingfisher : A young gay man is recruited into a secret cabal of vampires, just in time for the arrival of an eccentric vampire bent on destroying its masters.
  • King Of The Unknown (website): The King, a post-fake-death Elvis Presley, works with a secret government agency to investigate and eliminate evil forces of the unknown with The Power of Rock. Equal parts supernatural horror, comedy, action, and Conspiracy Kitchen Sink.
  • Lapse: After an accident, Bianca Fortune becomes stranded amongst the ghosts in her haunted childhood home and at the mercy of a malevolent entity that's taken to following her...
  • Last Blood website: The world is suffering from a Zombie Apocalypse. There are 30-some humans left in America in a school. Two vampires come to protect the humans from zombies in incredibly Crazy Awesome ways. First volume is finished, second seems to be on hold.
  • The Last Halloween: The fate of the world rests in the hands of a ten-year-old, as monsters attempt to kill all humans in order to gain immortality. Hilarity ensues.
  • Life Of Riley: A young moron becomes the channel to the almighty powers of God... and uses them to fix computer problems. Did we mention he fights demons seeking to use him to destroy God?
  • Locus: website: A 20 something half succubus half human battles to regain a sword that was stolen from her and satisfy a curse which demands she kill every person that takes, or tries to take it from her. A story that counts demons, monsters, angels, vampires and gods in its cast and stretches across the entire space in time.
  • Lovecraft Is Missing: It is 1926. H.P. Lovecraft is not where he is supposed to be.
  • Maggot Boy: Two dead guys fight crime.
  • Mag Isa: A comic about angels, demons, and big conspiracies. Check it out. Updates mondays and fridays.
  • Magick Chicks: A Spin-Off of Eerie Cuties. Features Sabrina the Teenage Witch characters Libby and her Girl Posse forced to transfer to a new school and find themselves facing a whole new setting then their own school.
  • Malefic: A comic about hell wrought Armageddon.
  • Masked Manor: website: The ongoing tale of an incredibly unlucky vampire, his struggle to defend a besieged family estate, and the allies and enemies he meets along the way. Updated three times a week.
  • Metal Phone Mouse: Surprisingly light-hearted story of a ragtag mercenary group trying to uphold their local Masquerade, track down some mind-corrupting magic swords and generally survive in a world where you can't turn around without running into a demon or two.
  • Midnight Tea Party: A series of short, independent horror comics that are brought together by a Framing Device which consists of a group of gothic lolitas telling scary stories to one another during their midnight tea party.
  • Monstra: Picture the usual spooky mansion in a small town. Now picture said mansion being a boarding home to both humans and monsters. Did I mention said mansion's landlord is a vampire teen recently thrust into the position? Yeah.
  • Moon Crest 24
  • Morph E: Updated three times a week and coded in flash with occasional sound and animation, five humans have their eyes opened to the dark truth lurking under normal society.
  • Natch Evil: Follow the brutal spree of Saffron "Jack Splatter" Sativus, a very gleeful serial killer.
  • Necessary Monsters: "Spy-Horror Thrills": a rollicking adventure; MIB as staffed by eldritch horrors.
  • Ned The Chainsaw Guy
  • October 20th: Ten years to the day since they became murderers, Catherine and Rai have their backs to the wall. The last survivors of a group of six, they now have to stand alone against the beast that comes for them on October the 20th.
  • The Only Half Saga: After the nuclear apocalypse, the supernatural has finally revealed itself.
  • Only Silver: An Urban Fantasy webcomic about a teenaged witch named Lydia, and a man named Montgomery who apparently is in a bit of trouble with a demon/wizard/?.
  • Ornery Boy: life and adventures of a moody man, his Granola Girl wife, and a pet zombie.
  • The Other Grey Meat: A comedic webcomic about a Post Zombie Apocalypse where the Zombies completely wiped out humanity and live on manufactured brain substitute... except for the strange guy who just walked into the Limb Replacement clinic.
  • Ow, my sanity: in which a university student in Lovecraft Country finds an Eldritch Abomination Magical Girlfriend. Very young webcomic.
  • Paper XI: The only survivor of a train accident wakes up in a disturbing other world. Haunting, unique layout. Not for the easily disturbed, and demonstrates that True Art Is Incomprehensible. Now complete.
  • Paradigm Shift: The story of two Chicago police officers tracking down a killer who turns out to be a were-creature.
  • Parallel Dementia: A world under siege by creatures of nightmare, and the people who secretly defend it.
  • Paranormal Mystery Squad: Sisters Stephanie and Katie Kane travel the country with their friends hunting monsters, cryptids, and other supernatural things.
  • The Path [5]: The Old Gods of humanity try to get the reincarnation of King Arthur to help them fight the return of the much more powerful Great Old Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos, even though they know odds are they're still completely boned.
  • Peter Is the Wolf: Our Werewolves Are Different — are they ever!
  • The Phoenix Requiem: A story of a victorian town attacked on numerous supernatural fronts. Now complete.
  • The President: A vampire shall become president of a nation.
  • Rasputin Catamite: A slice-of-life slasher set in Siberia.
  • Salad Days
  • Scary Gary
  • School Bites: A webcomic that started off as a self published comic book and just now appearing on the web. Tells the story of a newly turned vampire girl named Cherri who's quickly enrolled at a school for vampires that's meant to teach her how to be an undead monster properly.
  • The Seer: a webcomic about various Creepypasta monsters and a girl who can see them, thus forcing her to be the bridge between their world and the human world.
  • Serenity Rose: About Serenity "Sera" Rose, "the 10th youngest, 8th shortest, 6th 'gothiest,' 22nd most powerful, 38th most respected and 5th most reclusive of the world's 50 known witches."
  • Shifters: Follows the story about Ferrah.
  • Silent Hill: Promise: an interactive Fan Sequel to Silent Hill 2 in the style of MS Paint Adventures.
  • Simon Sues: Simon and Isaac help others escape their Deal with the Devil
  • Shadowgirls: "H.P. Lovecraft meets the Gilmore Girls." No, really.
  • Skin Deep: Monsters hide amongst humans, and have their own problems.
  • Skins: Young children with no names and no past are infected with supernatural plagues and sent into populated areas by occult terrorists. Only the supernatural races who live on society’s edge remain immune. Side-by-side with humans, they must fight to contain these outbreaks!
  • SolsticeTwins: The story focuses on the lives of two sisters investigating the myths at their boarding school.
  • Sorcery 101: A man trying to become an amateur sorceror and all of his monster- friends.
  • Soul To Call: Aloof courier Avril wanders a demon-ridden post apocalyptic landscape to find a creature called an Anathema, which may have the abilities she needs to salvage her last remaining family.
  • Stand Still Stay Silent: An underfunded, underqualified researched crew sets out to explore the Silent world, which was abandoned 90 years ago in the wake of a deadly illness and has been infested with mutated monsters ever since.
  • Strawberry Death Cake: Meet Marilyn, a demon hunter working for a secret organization called the Black Ministry that fights to protect the against the threat of Demons and other malicious paranormal entities such as ghosts, zombies and vampires.
  • Suppression: A reclusive sculptor teams up an old friend, a secretive general, and a soldier who's way out of uniform to unravel the mysteries of a plagued town. Features giant robots designed to fight demons.
  • Surreality: A young girl with super powers goes to a school with other super powered children after a fight with a potato kills her parents.
  • Suscitatio: A nurse at a mental hospital begins to question the practices of the facility after working with a patient.
  • The Human Game: Kate Greenwood, a girl with a normally excellent memory, finds herself lost in a facility without a clue as to how she got there. Although she meets seven other people in the facility, it is apparent that all of them are hiding something. Guided by Cancel, a metallic angelic being, Kate and the other members realize that if they do not solve the mysteries of the facility, they will turn into monsters.
  • Transpose Operator: An female amnesiac wakes up in the medical facility of a post-apocalyptic world. She does not have a nice day.
  • The Unspeakable Vault (of Doom): Lovecraftian horror made funny.
  • Vampire Girl: Vampire who Just Wants To Be Normal tangles with vampire hunters.
  • Vigil: A horror comic centering around a trio of characters with some mental issues. The art style is particularly unique.
  • Walking In The Dark: A comic that follows a vampire reporter as he tangles with supernatural elements in the 1930s.
  • The Watcher Of Yaathagggu: Lovecraftian, as you may have guessed.
  • Wicked Alchemy: A girl fights demons for reasons of vengence. The author is, unfortunately, deceased.
  • Zebra Girl: The story of a girl transformed into a demon; starts out as a black comedy strip, but slowly becomes more dramatic and action-driven as the characters come to grips with the changes in their lives (as well as all the supernatural weirdness that's suddenly drawn to their doorstep).
  • The Zombie Hunters: A near-future Post-Zombie Apocalyptic story that follows a motley crew of Disaster Scavengers training in New Meat and trying not to get eaten on the job, as what's left of humanity and government fights to survive, recover from and Find the Cure for The Virus that devastated the globe and created a world of monsters.
  • Zombie Ranch: A darkly comic look at a future U.S.A. where the West is Wild again in the wake of a Great Zombie Plague, and a reality television show is following the day-to-day tribulations of a young rancher and her crew as they wrangle herds of dangerous undead for profit.
  • Zombie Roomie An odd couple comedy comic about a guy who ends up living with a zombie.
  • Zombie Waffe follows a survivor trying to find his best friend and not get killed by zombies.

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