Web Comic: Monsters Garden

From left to right: Todd, Jaymi, Ayshia, NIKA and Kilo.

Monster's Garden is an ongoing webcomic.

Kilo Monster, real name Kilojara, is a professional fighting champion and a Zid'ral mutant. Exiled as a child by his tribe, Kilo was left to fend for himself on the city, and due to his genetic illness, which also grant him resistance to all manner of arcane energy, he has become a force to be reckoned with in the streets. As a champion, Kilo has everything he needs: his garden, which he cares for every day, a home and peace of mind.

His life is turned around, however, when he happens to meet three particular people: NIKA, a sentient A.T.L.A.S, or Arcane Technology Lifeform Automated System, who has been separated from her two friends and fellow protagonists: Jaymi Andrews (an Engineering major who aims to continue her father's, Dr. Joseph Andrews's, research) and her brother, Lt. Todd Andrews, a huge fan of Kilo's.

Has a Tumblr, a deviantArt, and a FurAffinity account.

There is a character sheet.

Tropes Associated with the web comic: