Webcomic: The Monster And The Girl

The Monster & The Girl
"Habits of millennia are most reluctant to be broken."

TM&TG is an ongoing weekly webcomic hosted on Comic Dish that updates on Mondays (Japan Time). The webcomic is described as an experimental OEL manga by the author-creator who lives in Japan. A Japanese version is promised at an undefined future date. Each chapter tells of one of the adventures of an immortal 'techno-magical' (Magic from Technology) Cyborg and a mysterious woman that he's vowed to protect, in every life time that he finds her. The stories are set in the same fictional universe, but aren't in chronological order. TM&TG was originally planned as a series of novels. Artwork is Deliberately Monochrome, with an intentionally limited palette of 4 shades of gray plus black and white, except for rare panels of higher detail and finer shading.

The Monster & The Girl provides Examples of: