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Fanfic: Transformers Babies
Nanny: Hmmm, kids these days! Well, letís play a game. How about follow the leader?
All: Yeah!!!!
Starscream: Can I be the leader, Nanny?
Nanny: Not this time Screamy, I have an idea.
Starscream: Darn, I never get to be the leader!

Okay a few notes: This is meant to be funny, silly and illogical. Stupid? sure, why not, life is too short to take anything seriously. Have fun reading.
—The author, Crazomatic

Transformers Babies is a humorous crossover fanfic by Crazomatic, combining the elements of Transformers Generation One with Muppet Babies. But instead of having the Transformers meet the Muppet Babies, the Transformers themselves are the babies, and the only character imported from Muppet Babies is Nanny.

The first in what ended up being a trilogy. Subsequent stories include Meggy's Glorious Destiny! and Meggy's Nursery Conquest!

This fanfic contains examples of the following:

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