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Series: The Hoobs
Hooble-Doop WHOOP!

The Hoobs was a British-Canadian children's television show produced by The Jim Henson Company, originally airing on Channel Four and Nick Jr. UK from 2001-2002. The eponymous Hoobs were a species of alien creature reigning from the fictional Hoobland (in reality these creatures were played by muppets), sent down to Earth by their mentor Hubba Hubba to gather as much information about Earth as possible. Three of these Hoobs — Iver, Tula and Groove — were handed a Hoobmobile that ran on singing motors (yes, really) while they travelled the UK. The fourth, Roma, was sent to other parts of the world, like Oceania, Europe and even Antarctica to report on her findings which the other Hoobs would watch on a large screen.

The show intended to teach children about the very basics of human science and scientific research, as evidenced by the basic plot of every episode:
  • One of the Hoobs would encounter some sort of problem that would help them to formulate a question. They would then consult the other two Hoobs about this.
  • Hubba Hubba would then gather the Hoobs and then formalise the procedure to add to his Great Hoobapaedia. This involved emailing Roma the task so she would be able to report her expertise to the rest of the Hoobs.
  • The Hoob asking the question would start with asking "who", "what", "when", "where", "why" or "how". This lead to the Motorettes' (ie. the singing motors mentioned previously) vocal harmonising of that word.
  • The Hoobs then get firmly stuck into the "action research" method of the plan, using methods such as looking on Hoobnet (which inevitably cut away to an animated story interstitial), asking some children (or "Tiddlypeeps" as they called them) and doing various experiments. Roma would then present her research via Hoobnet.
  • One other Hoob may participate in the "B" storyline, which was nowhere near as complex as the "A" storyline — possibly to add more narrative elements to the show's structure.
  • After about twenty minutes of trial-and-error, the Hoobs would then present a TV News-style report recapping the procedure before coming to their conclusion.


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