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This page details both the Nick Jr. channel and former programming block. Programs on the list may be currently on airing the channel or may have aired in the past on either, both, or the channel when it was known as "Noggin."

Nick Jr. is a sister network of Nickelodeon primarily focused for preschoolers and young children. It was formerly known as Noggin, until 2009, when Nickelodeon re-branded the channel for synergy purposes.


The channel, launched in 1999, was a joint venture between the Children's Television Workshop (later known as Sesame Workshop) and Nickelodeon until 2002, when CTW sold its share to Viacom when the Nostalgia Filter programming they brought in such as Sesame Street and The Electric Company reruns didn't do much for ratings according to Viacom. Then in 2002, Nickelodeon launched The-N (now TeenNick) as a timeshare channel sharing space with Noggin. Noggin programming ran from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, and then The-N would take over. When The-N split off from Noggin in 2008, Noggin ran preschool programming 24/7.Nick Jr. has commercial-free programming (without a standard schedule). The network was hosted by Moose A. Moose and Zee, a moose and bird combo who also have onscreen games and activities for kids to play. In March 2012, Nickelodeon retired the pair from both the television network and its official website, and replaced the interstitial content and themes with the "The Smart Place to Play" branding already seen in their morning block on Nickelodeon. This has already prompted a backlash amongst some long-time fans.

In October, 2012, the 24/7 Nick Jr. network began airing a new programming block, NickMom, in the late-night hours specifically targeted at mothers, such as moms doing stand-up comedy and "tips on how to keep romance alive after being a mother." This might not be so much the loss it seems, given that most of what aired in the late-night hours was just repeats of stuff that had aired during the day anyway. Despite this, there were many who are swearing off the channel for late-nights and consider it Network Decay. Angry parents loathed the block because of its coarse content and the fact The Brady Bunch episodes played in the block had adult Pop Up Video commentary from Carol Brady, and in the west, parents who didn't understand how the people at Nick forgot what airs at 10pm in New York State airs at 7pm in Los Angeles and 5pm in Honolulu note  because of time zones, as Nick Jr./NickMom carries only an Eastern Time Zone feed. Thankfully many of the more vulgar shows and the remixed Brady episodes bombed, with others getting content tweaks, and by June 2013 the block consisted of some original programming mixed in with acquired sitcoms from Nick At Nite which are at least tolerable and inoffensive. Eventually though, the moms had their way—NickMom was dropped on September 28, 2015 to little fanfare, after an airing of Guarding Tess.

Nick Jr. on Nickelodeon
One of the old logo's many shapes.

The Nick Jr. programming block lasted from 1988 to 2009. This block contained programming for a preschool audience and typically ran from 7 a.m./8 a.m. to 2 p.m. CST/3 p.m. EST. The block was home to many classic off-network cartoons and foreign programming/anime such as The World of David the Gnome, Muppet Babies, Belle and Sebastian and Rupert. The block was revamped in 1994 with mostly Nickelodeon-made programming with a new host, Face, who later was replaced by Piper 'O Possum.

The block was mainly known for launching the pre-school juggernauts Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer, as well as airing some early fondly remembered anime such as The Noozles, The Adventure of The Little Koala and Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics.

In 2009, Nickelodeon re-branded its preschool channel Noggin as Nick Jr. and took away the branding on the pre-existing block. It is now a block of preschool shows with very little branding separating it from the rest of the schedule, and much more advertising, likely a purposeful move to drive viewers to the new channel and reclaim the airtime for regular Nick programming.

Nick Jr. channel programming includesnote :

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