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Literature: The Abandon Trilogy
A series of Young Adult novels written by Meg Cabot. The series is a modern retelling of the Greek Myth of Persephone and Hades.

Pierce Oliviera had a near death experience. More like a death, actually. After drowning in her pool, Pierce woke up in the Underworld where John Hayden, Lord of the Underworld, chose her to be his consort. Frightened, Pierce escaped back into the realm of the living.

Two years later, Pierce and her mother move to her mother's hometown of Isla Huesos. Pierce attempts to move on but feels John's presence everywhere.

There's another presence though, a much more unsettling force. There's the Furies, vengeful spirits who want nothing more than to hurt Pierce and make John suffer.

Pierce begins to learn more about the history and secrets of Isla Huesos, the Underworld, her family, and John himself and begins to fall in love with the man she once feared.

Books in the Series:
  • Abandon (2011)
  • Underworld (2012)
  • Awaken (2013)

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alternative title(s): The Abandon Trilogy; Abandon Series
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