Music / Big Sean
"Finally Famous, nigga!"

Sean Michael Anderson (born March 25, 1988), aka. Big Sean, is an American rapper. From Detroit, Michigan; he signed with Kanye West's GOOD Music label in 2007.

He released his debut album Finally Famous in 2011, and it peaked at 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. His gang name is not ironic, despite being not incredibly tall— it's just not related to his height.

His second album, Hall of Fame, came out in August 2013.


  • Finally Famous: The Mixtape (Mixtape) (2007)
  • Finally Famous Vol. 2: UKNOWBIGSEAN (Mixtape) (2009)
  • Finally Famous Vol. 3: Big (Mixtape) (2010)
  • Finally Famous (2011)
  • Detroit (Mixtape) (2012)
  • Hall of Fame (2013)
  • Dark Sky Paradise (2015)
  • I Decided. (2017)

Tropes applicable to his life and work include: