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Swag Rap
Swag Rap is a subgenre of Hip Hop music, and a sort-of descendant of Alternative Hip Hop. It's perhaps best described as rap's version of the Punk movement. The exact sound of Swag Rap varies, so it's really more of a scene than a sound. Noticeable characteristics include a DIY ethic and unconventional promotional tactics (often online, but not always), many Swag groups also use (fittingly) the term "swag", short for swagger and a synonym for "cool".

Notable Artists

(*please post a notable song or two, if possible)

  • A$AP Rocky - "Purple Swag"
  • Casey Veggies
  • Danny Brown
  • Drake arguably started out in 2006 doing a version of this before he was signed by Lil Wayne and Young Money in 2009.
  • Joey Bada$$ - Incredibly divisive rapper known for dissing mainstream acts and incorporating (some would say ripping off) 90s golden age rap.
  • Joey Lo Flow - Got Rice?, of the Asian cultural pride variety.
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Kreayshawn - "Gucci Gucci"
  • Lecs Luther - "Dia Dhuit"
  • LilB The "BasedGod" - "Ellen Degeneres"
  • Lil Ugly Mane, though with a strong bent towards Horrorcore.
  • OFWGKTA - "Oldie"
    • OF Affiliates
  • RiFF RAFF - "Marc Jacobs"
  • Robb Bank$
  • Spaceghostpurrp
  • Young Lean
  • Yung God, who tends to be a blatant Lil B ripoff. Despite this, however, his Caillou freestyle has achieved infamy, mostly from people who think it's a LilB song.
  • Of course, the genre is ripe for parody. The most notable examples come from YouTube user gmcfosho, known for such hits as "Rifle Burs" (complete with dubstep remix) and "IMDABES".
    Video description: My lawyer said I was doing things that would violate my parole so I had to censor a few parts, BUT LUCKILY YOU CAN'T CENSOR SWAG! Shout out to Soulja boy, the best rapper dead or alive. It is because of him that I live life with my swag to the maximum
  • Another YouTube group, Dormtainment, parodied it in the "Create A Rapper" with Hipster Rapper.
    I'ma say "swag" a couple times, cause that's what people do now. Swag, swag, swag, swag [...] I do this for Tumblr.
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