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Music: KARA

Kara (often stylized as KARA - Korean: 카라, Japanese: カラ) is a popular girl group in Korea & Japan with four members.

Originally formed in 2007 with four members, they went through a member change in early 2008, when one membernote  had to quit and two new membersnote  joined.They first gained nationwide acclaim through their single Pretty Girl.

Kara gained a bit of fame amongst Rhythm Game players when their songs were licensed out for DJMAX Technika 3 and DJMAX Technika Tune, as well as DJMAX's sibling game Tapsonic.

On October 4, 2013, it was announced that Nicole would be leaving the group in January of 2014, and that Jiyoung was considering leaving as well, leaving the group's future in doubt.

On January 14, 2014, Nicole held a press conference where she announced her official departure (effective as of January 16, 2014). DSP caught some flack from fans of the group when it was revealed they'd already edited Nicole out of some group pictures (on the group's Android app, for example), and replied "We acted one step ahead, as Nicole's contract expires on the 16th [...] [It] was just a simple accident, the picture immediately returned to its original state."

On January 15, 2013, Jiyoung confirmed that she would not be renewing her contract, and would be leaving KARA as of April 2014. DSP again managed to draw the ire of netizens when they said that they were trying to convince Jiyoung to return to the group - whereas they'd immediately deleted Nicole from group pictures and had let her go without looking back.

The attempts failed, and Kara was left as a trio. In May of 2014, DSP announced that they would be adding two new members to the group, and debuted the "KARA Project" competition (to be judged by the three remaining members). Reception to the news has been almost universally negative, with some Kamilias calling for a boycott, and causing Gyuri to issue a public apology. The contestants in the competition were Sojin, Youngji, Shiyoon, Chaekyung, Somin, Chaewon and Yooji.

On July 1, 2014, it was announced that Youngji was the winner, and would be the only new member of the group. The group plans to release an album simultaneously in Japan in South Korea in August of 2014, followed by a concert tour in Japan in October.

Not to be confused with the tech demo by Quantic Dream.

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  • The First Blooming 2007
  • Rock U EP 2008
  • Pretty Girl EP 2008
    • Honey EP 2009
  • Revolution 2009
    • Wanna EP 2009
    • Mister EP 2009
  • Lupin EP 2010
  • Girl's Talk EP 2010 *
  • Step 2011
  • Super Girl 2011 *
  • Pandora 2012
  • Girls Forever 2012
  • Bye Bye Happy Days! 2013 *
  • Thank You Summer Love 2013 *
  • Fantastic Girls! 2013 *
  • Full Bloom 2013

Note - albums with an asterisk denotes a Japanese release.

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