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Video Game: Scramble
The 1981 Arcade Game Scramble was Konami's original Horizontal Scrolling Shooter; it was one of the first games in the genre, along with SNK's Vanguard.

The player flies a jet fighter armed with lasers and bombs to fire at enemy rockets and flying saucers, trying to avoid colliding with them or the terrain. Hitting fuel tanks not only scores a few points but replenishes your ever-dwindling fuel supply. After five levels, the player flies into the base of the enemy system and destroys a target, after which the game loops with higher difficulty.

A sequel, Super Cobra, was released the same year, with the player now in control of a helicopter and carrying away a suitcase at the end instead of bombing a target. There were now ten levels before the base and the garishly colored backgrounds were slightly more textured, but otherwise the arcade versions of Scramble and Super Cobra looked and played pretty much the same.

In the west, both games were licensed by Stern Electronics for arcade distribution. Super Cobra was ported more widely than Scramble in the 1980s, but Scramble has since turned up more frequently on Compilation Rereleases of Konami's older games, including remade versions on the Game Boy Advance and Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Scramble was retconned into the Gradius series in Gradius Generations. While it doesn't fit into the Gradius continuity (since it has no real plot), its influence on Konami's later games is obvious.

Tropes in Scramble and Super Cobra:

  • Airstrike Impossible: The objective at the end of Scramble.
  • Deadly Walls: Avoid running into buildings or hills.
  • Direct Continuous Levels: Scramble is probably the Trope Maker for continous-scrolling shooters. The end of each level opens up onto a piece of flat terrain, a short message is displayed with an accompanying jingle, and then the next level scrolls into view.
  • Every 10,000 Points: Both games grant you an extra life every 10,000 points.
  • Moving Target Bonus: Shooting missiles down earns you more points if you hit them after they launch themselves into the air.

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