Literature: Super Powereds

Super Powereds is a web-novel hosted on DrewHayesNovels. The first two books are also available on Kindle.

"Knowledge is power. That would be the motto of Lander University, had it not been snatched up and used to death by others long before the school was founded. For while Lander offers a full range of courses to nearly all students, it also offers a small number of specialty classes to a very select few. Lander is home to the Hero Certification Program, a curriculum designed to develop student with superhuman capabilities, commonly known as Supers, into official Heroes.

Five of this year’s freshmen are extra special. They have a secret aside from their abilities, one that they must guard from even their classmates. Because for every one person in the world with abilities they can control, there are three who lack such skill. These lesser super beings, Powereds as they are called, have always been treated as burdens and second class citizens. Though there has been ample research in the area, no one has ever succeeded in turning a Powered into a regular human, let alone a Super.

That is, until now… "

Super Powereds contains examples of:

  • Adaptive Ability: Titan's power, as well as Hershel's actual power. Roy is actually a unique manifestation of it.
  • Adults Are Useless: Mary gets scolded for assuming this. As she and the others are used to relying only on themselves, they rarely seek the aid of their teachers, even when it would solve a whole lot of problems.
  • All-Loving Hero: Vince. He's described as being unable to believe that not everyone is genuinely interested in helping other people solely for the sake of helping. His faith in the inherent goodness of his fellow man is so great that he actually manages to make Nick develop a conscience.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Chad never displays much interest in sex one way or the other, being totally obsessed with training, but he is noted to look completely out of his element when Angela bribes him into dancing with her, while he has a very close friendship with her brother, Shane, whom he's rarely seen apart from.
    • Later Angela and Chad start dating, and Chad starts to socialise a little. Chad had almost no social experience and was entirely focused on training, and Shane was similarly focused on training because Angela was always ahead of him. It is implied that Chad was most comfortable around Shane, as Shane was the only person whom Chad could socially relate to.
  • Archnemesis Dad: Maybe, Vince's dad is alive, apparently they Never Found the Body, but he's also Globe, a Super who took a Face-Heel Turn and killed a teammate. Vince is conflicted as his father was the reason that he lived long enough to undergo the procedure and was a generally great father.
    Vince: If tomorrow your father robbed a bank, would that stop you from loving him?
    Ralph Chapman: It might if he killed a man in the process.
    Vince: Then I feel sorry for you. You must have a pretty crappy father if he’s that easy to stop caring about.
  • Awesome by Analysis: Seems to be Mr Numbers' power.
  • Berserk Button:
    • For Alex, calling his powers telekinesis instead of the Force.
    • For Vince harming someone he cares about. Having a vision of a girl from his past's death makes him a one man.
    • For Chad any mention of Globe tends to do this, as Globe killed his father.
  • The Cape: Vince is a good person to the point where his "naive" belief in Nick did actually result in Nick's Heel-Face Turn.
  • The Champion: Camille has appointed herself as this to Vince, after he saved her from some bullies as a little girl. She chose to go into the HCP instead of just training her healing abilities, because she knew that Vince's boy scout attitude of rushing in if he might save someone else would get him killed and she wanted to be close enough to save him.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Nick invented a code with no cipher and used it to send himself a transcript of everything that happened at the end of every week, on the off chance that someone would erase his memory.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • The group vs George. It's actually directly acknowledged that if he had actually wanted to hurt them they wouldn't have stood a chance.
    • During the final match in Year 2 Nick uses Rich to Mind Screw Vince, causing him to view the other team as terrible monsters so that he would use his powers to their fullest. He effortlessly defeats Chad, who could otherwise solo the rest of the class.
  • Deadpan Snarker: George while he's in prison.
  • Disappeared Dad: Subverted; Herschel and Roy's father left them when they were ten because everyone found out he was gay. Herschel tracks him down in year 2 to get help for Roy and give him a well deserved What the Hell, Hero? for running away from his problems. Owen (their father) is now the main character of a spinoff Corpies by the same author.
  • Double Consciousness: Herschel/Roy who is a Sexier Alter Ego with super powers. They used to transform uncontrollably but now only does it if Herschel drinks whiskey. Consider themselves brothers rather than the same person.
  • Dream Weaver: Rich Weaver's power is to trap people in a vision, he traps Alice (she has all the luck apparently) during Halloween in year 2 and she's visited by a phantom who tells her that her mother is alive. She thinks Rich did it on purpose and it does not end well for Rich.
  • Energy Absorption: Vince's power. It goes far beyond anyone else ever suspected.
  • Fantastic Racism: To Powereds. By Normals who considered it the cost of having Supers and by Supers as a kind of "there but for the grace of god I go" type of thing. They don't want to admit that only a stroke of luck made them beloved and idolized Supers instead of reviled Powereds.
  • Fights Like a Normal: Shane prefers to fight using martial arts rather than his powers, which aren't really suited for friendly sparring.
  • Five-Man Band:
  • Gravity Master: Turns out Alice's power wasn't flying after all; it was gravity control.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Camille isn't actually a Healer. She's an Absorber. She absorbs injuries and stores them, allowing her to inflict them on others at her leisure.
  • I Let You Win: It's implied that George allowed Vince and the others to defeat him and rescue Mary, possibly on the orders of Globe.
  • Insistent Terminology: Alex, calls himself a Jedi. Everyone else thinks he's a a telekinetic and an empath. But it seems like he's right since people are continually proven wrong on the exact nature of his powers. The class powercopier can't work Alex's powers at all until he tells him to treat it like the Force.
  • Journey to the Center of the Mind: An unusual effect of Mary's powers in conjunction with Rich's.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: When someone is expelled from the Hero Certification Program they generally have their memories of names and faces of their fellow HCP students obscured, so they can't reveal the secret identity of anyone who goes on to be a hero. When Nick is expelled, all of his memories of the HCP are wiped from his brain.
  • Mama Bear: Mrs Daniels threatens Mr Transport when she finds out about the mountain climbing incident.
    Mrs Daniels: I may be a normal person; however, trust me when I say that being a mother is a power all its own.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Despite being near five feet tall, Mary Smith's powerful telekinesis leads to her being the top ranked girl in her class. Her Power Incontinence was a telepathic and telekinetic Training from Hell. Because she couldn't turn it off she spent years constantly training her power. It's likely that she's now one of the most powerful telekinetics and telepaths in the world.
  • Power Incontinence: This is what a Powered is. They have a Super ability, sometimes one that is more powerful than what a comparable Super has but no control at all.
  • Power Nullifier: This is Dean Blaine's power. He can use it both as a passive ability or to directly stop someone else's powers from working.
  • Restraining Bolt:
    • Vince does this to himself in Year 1, refusing to carry more than a lighter's worth of fuel at a time because he's afraid he'll lose control.
    • He eventually starts to carry around electricity as well. He also took in an entire forest fire at the end of year 1.
  • Sexier Alter Ego: Roy is this to Herschel to some people. Herschel is this to Mary though.
  • Superpowered Alter Ego: Roy is this to Herschel, he's taller, has better luck with the ladies and is super strong.
  • Superpower Lottery: Professor Fletcher starting in Year 2. He's a lightning elemental, so he's got the ability to transform into, absorb, and direct electricity. He's also got the ability to give his physical body the same properties as electricity, such as enhancing his speed. He TKOs the entire Sophomore class during his introduction, and snarks that he must be getting old because he came close to actually having to make an effort.
  • Superpower Meltdown: In the prologue, Vince who is underground and not allowed any source of energy near him to try and stop his latest hiccup and Nick, who was in hospital thanks to the down side of super luck (bad luck is still luck).
  • The Syndicate/The Mafia: Nick's being groomed as the next leader of his family. His rival is Nathaniel a Super from a rival Vegas family.
  • Too Clever by Half: Nick Campbell's entire character seems built on this premise, as he is constantly lying, manipulating, and strategizing to make events play out as he desires. His cleverness, more than his super power, is what accounts for his success in the HCP.
  • Too Dumb to Fool: The story refers to Vince as being oblivious or dumb, so much so that his grades were a plot point in Year 2. Despite this, he consistently sees through people's façades, even Nick's ever-present obfuscation attempts.
  • Training from Hell: The HCP is this on purpose, with the hope that the harder training is the better Hero's the candidates will eventually make.
  • True Companions: The Melbrook House students, especially after they have to climb a mountain together (apparently a Secret Test of Character organized by Mr Transport's and Mr Numbers' bosses).
  • Unknown Rival:
    • Vince goes into the first day of training with barely any energy in him because he doesn't expect trials. He uses his fighting training to almost beat Michael.
    • Michael takes it as an insult that Vince had no energy stored and assumes that Vince tricked him, pretending not to have any power but running from his ice when he was just waiting for an opening. He attacks Vince outside class several times and eventually goes more than a little loco because of it.
    • He later attacks one of his own team members during a team match, preventing her from winning the match so he can go after Vince. Vince for his part thinks it's silly until Michael starts to be dangerous, and he was the one who lost the match.
  • Unskilled, but Strong:
    • Roy Daniels starts off Year 1 as all power with no relevant skills, an issue demonstrated handily when he challenges Chad Taylor and is beaten senseless.
    • This applies to Vince and Mary as well. Vince's abilities are immense in scale and variety, but he doesn't even know he can use most of them. Professor Stone ably demonstrates that Mary may be a strong telepath and telekinetic, she doesn't know all the ins and outs of it, as she handily outclasses Mary in a demonstration.
  • Upbringing Makes the Hero: Vince was raised as a transient after being unable to find a foster home due to being Powered. An old homeless man takes him in, adopts the role of his father, and teaches him his strong morality as well as his combat skills. This upbringing is constantly credited with Vince's morals, kindness, and overall demeanor.
  • Well Done Daughter Gal: Alice to her father. He invites her to dinner one night and she thinks he wants to spend time with her, he needs a hostess so he can finesse a business deal. She is seriously hurt.
  • Would Not Hit a Girl: Vince, which actually proves to be a problem at one point when team matches end up with him actually fighting one. He opts instead to just exude a great deal of heat (courtesy of the aforementioned forest fire he absorbed earlier) and go for a TKO instead of fighting.
  • Your Worst Nightmare: Nathaniel has the power to put someone into a hallucination of their worst nightmare. He does this to Alice in year 3, whose fear is being outside and losing control of her power. She breaks out.
    • and then introduces him to his worst nightmare. A classic scene.