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Literature: The Idhún's Memories
The Idhún's Memories (originally Memorias de Idhún) is a High Fantasy and Paranormal Romance trilogy written by the Spanish author Laura Gallego.

The story is based on three children: Jack, Victoria and Kirtash, who are destined to save a world called Idhún from Ashran the Necromancer, who is casually Kirtash's father. From here, the story passes to include multiverse switches, dragons, unicorns, sheks and gods.

The trilogy has got a spin-off comic book series. Even though the fans have asked for a movie based on the trilogy, the author has refused to share the rights of the books with film producers.

The Idhún's Memories is known as a deeply settled Base Breaker in the Spanish literary fandom. While its fans praise its original setting and elaborated World Building, its detractors critize its heavily noticeable Mary Sue characters and Romantic Plot Tumor. The most general consensus is that both parties are right, somehow making its reading a Guilty Pleasure.

Compare with Twilight for a similar product.

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