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Criken 2 is a gamer and Youtuber who showcases him and a few of his friends playing games. They typically are in co-op, with all the shenanigans that entail. Notable in that he may play through an entire game, record it all, and only uses the funniest or most insane parts of it. This has led to all of his videos being very humorous.

Criken usually works with game clips tied to a particular game, but also does a series called "Criken's Fun House", which have clips not tied to any particular game, and a side series meant to satiate the fans waiting for "Criken's Fun House" called "Criken's Quickies". They, nonetheless, seem to update rather sporadically as of late. Is part of Rooster Teeth and sometimes collaborates with Broteam. His face, which was until recently never seen, was revealed in the Pax Podcast of what was then TheGameStation, which can be viewed here.

In July of 2017 at a panel at RTX it was announced Criken had joined the Lets Play network of Rooster Teeth.

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Tropes that appear in these videos: