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Shameless Self-Promoter
When someone's self-promotion gets this bad... not even your home is safe.

The Shameless Self Promoter is the kind of narcissistic personality that is always out to promote its own credentials and knowledge. They will stick their accomplishments on anything and everything and don't hesitate at claiming responsibility for all good things.

Compare: Small Name, Big Ego, Cam Whore, Attention Whore, The Shill, and Single-Issue Wonk (where the issue is themselves).

See also: Self Demonstrating version of this article by Duckluck

In-Universe Examples Only:

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  • In Winner Takes All, one of a pair of mercenaries who help to protect James Adamant has a sideline, writing chapbook adventure-stories and songs with himself as the hero under a nom de plume.
  • Dave Barry Slept Here claims that Donald Trump in 1989 purchased Ohio, the Coast Guard, the Italian Renaissance and Mars, and renamed all of them "Trump."
    • Dave Barry's "1987: Look Back In Horror" has Bob Woodward reporting the dying words of various late celebrities, who all seem to have been interested in promoting his forthcoming book Veil.
  • In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Gilderoy Lockhart takes every opportunity to refer to his past exploits and point out how useful his skills are to a given situation. He claims several prestigious titles, repeating them throughout the book, and has written several biographical works based on his adventures. Justified, because he never actually did any of those things. All of the adventures were stories he heard from other wizards before performing a memory charm and claiming to have done these things himself. So, if he didn't shamelessly self promote, he wouldn't be famous!

  • The Stan Freberg Show was limited to a short run due to never obtaining a corporate sponsor. Stan Freberg therefore decided to mock the concept of sponsorship in the second-to-last episode by naming himself as the sponsor of a show that already had his name in the title, and filling it with Parody Commercials for himself.

     Video Games  
  • In the Crash Course DLC for Left 4 Dead, Valve slips one of these in as a little Easter Egg. If the player was to gather all the survivors around a leaking steam pipe, a conversation like this might occur:
    Francis: Hey, watch out for that goddamn steam pipe.
    Zoey: Man, I love Steam steam.
    Francis: Yeah, steam's alright I guess.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has this conversation in the intro:
    Marche: OK, if you could make any game real, which would it be?
    Ritz: Hmm, that's a good question!
    Mewt: I'd pick "Final Fantasy." That's my favorite.

     Web Original  

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