Radio / The Stan Freberg Show

"You may not find us on your TV,
Because in case you did not know,
We're being brought to you on—
Brought to you on—
Brought to you on R-A-D-I-O!"

Stan Freberg's short-lived (15 episodes) Sketch Comedy radio series from 1957, featuring the voices of Daws Butler, June Foray and Peter Leeds. Greatly influenced The Firesign Theatre in their audio recordings.

Sketches written for the show by Freberg and producer Peter Barnum included:
  • "Incident at Los Voraces": A tale of a city destroyed by escalating competition between two casinos.
  • "The Zazaloph Family": The greatest stunt troupe radio audiences can never see.
  • "Uninterrupted Melody": A good and humorous look at the lives of the men who compose ice cream truck jingles. Based on a piece Freberg wrote for MAD.
  • "Gray Flannel Hat Full of Teenage Werewolves": A werewolf lives by day as an advertising man on Madison Avenue.
  • "Bang Gunleigh, U.S. Marshal Field": A parody of radio westerns like Gunsmoke & Tales Of The Texas Rangers.
  • "The Lone Analyst": A satirical parody of The Lone Ranger and the power of psychoanalysis.
  • "Sam Spillade": Film Noir with no plot, just a private eye getting knocked unconscious every two minutes.

The show also recreated many parodies from Freberg's classic comedy records ("St. George and the Dragonet," "Wun'erful, Wun'erful," "The Honeyearthers," "Day-O," "Sh-Boom"), and included musical interludes with Peggy Taylor, the Jud Conlon Rhythmaires, and Billy May and His Orchestra.

This show provides examples of:

  • Amusing Alien: Miss Jupiter. She's only two feet tall.
  • Bad "Bad Acting": The "real-life" spokesperson for the Puffed Grass Parody Commercial, a monotone, robotic-sounding test pilot named Jet Crash:
    "Believe you me, I couldn't break through the sound barrier every morning if I didn't start off my day with a stomach.... (long pause) ....full of Puffed Grass."
  • Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti: The abominable snowman interviews.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Miss Jupiter has "shapely wheels".
  • Crushing Handshake: In the interview between Stan Freberg and the Abominable Snowman, the latter gives the former a very painful-sounding handshake:
    Stan: Would you mind squeezing my hand the other way to get it back in shape?
  • Dated History: History is deconstructed humorously in the "Great Moments in History" sketches with "the real stories" behind those moments, including Washington crossing the Delaware & the ride of Paul Revere.
  • Doom It Yourself: The build-it-yourself piano.
  • No Reprise, Please: In the Lawrence Welk sketch, the song "Thank You For All Those Cards and Letters..."
  • Parody Commercial: "Puffed Grass" ("Bang Gunleigh, U.S. Marshal Field"); "Food" ("Gray Flannel Hat Full of Teenage Werewolves"); "Stan Freberg" (the second-to-last episode).
  • Running Gag: In several "Great Moments in History" segments, some historical figure like Barbara Frichie or Paul Revere would say "First give me the money, then I'll _____ (get on the horse, stand on the burning deck, etc.)"
    • Also the nonsensical soundscapes that began a number of episodes.
    • "No, senorita, Swiss- this way we don't offend nobody."
  • Say My Name: A Soap Within a Show parody.
  • Shameless Self-Promoter: Freberg did an entire episode near the end (when the show itself failed to attract a sponsor) about advertising himself.
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Soap Within a Show: The John/Marsha routine; also Say My Name.
  • Translation: "Yes": Mousier Touler (and his Tuned Sheep) has a couple of "French" phrases, just a few syllables long, that are translated in English as long run-on sentences.