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Transatlantic Equivalent
Two shows on opposite sides of the Atlantic can be compared with each other.

Typically, the older show is remade on the other side of The Pond. Most often, a UK show is remade in the US. In the case of foreign reality or game shows, this is because they are not usually aired by US commercial networks, and this allows American audiences to directly participate by becoming eligible contestants.

Shows that spread to even more countries become Multi-National Shows.


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     Film & TV 
  • Kenny vs. Spenny (Canada)/Ed vs. Spencer (UK)/Elton vs. Simon (Germany)/Frank Vs. Girard (Quebec): Two friends compete in bizarre competitions; the loser suffers a humiliation.
  • Man About The House (UK)/ Three's Company (US) / Sam Sam (Holland): Buffoon fakes homosexuality to room with two women.
    • Robin's Nest (UK)/ Three's A Crowd (US): The buffoon and his girlfriend run a bistro.
    • George and Mildred (UK)/ The Ropers (US): The buffoon's former landlord and landlady try to get ahead in society.
  • One Foot in the Grave (UK)/ Cosby (US): Curmudgeonly older man deals with retirement.
  • Changing Rooms (UK) / Trading Spaces (US)/ Tapetenwechsel (Germany): Neighbors remodel each others' homes.
  • The Office (UK) / The Office (US) / Stromberg (Germany)/ Le Bureau (France) / La Job (Quebec) / La Ofis (Chile) / Kontoret (Sweden)note : Mockumentary style Work Com.
    • And apparently, Russian and Israeli versions are on the way. Ricky Gervais will never have to work again.
  • Cracker (UK) / Cracker (US): Defective Detective / Profiler crime drama (The US version is known as Fitz in the UK)
  • Fawlty Towers (UK) / Amanda's (US) / Payne (US): Quirky staff runs hotel.
  • Max Headroom: Twenty Minutes Into The Future (UK)/ Max Headroom (US): Reporter uncovers scandal aided by his computer counterpart.
  • Scrapheap Challenge (UK) / Junkyard Wars (US): Engineers compete to build machines out of found objects.
    • To confuse things further, the US distributor of Scrapheap Challenge retitled it Junkyard Wars.
  • Till Death Us Do Part (UK) / All in the Family (US) / Ein Herz und eine Seele (Germany): Bigoted misogynist lives with socialist son-in-law and long-suffering wife.
    • Two of All in the Family's spinoffs have, in turn, had translations of their own:
      • Good Times (US) / The Fosters (UK): The tale of a poor but loving black family.
      • Maude (US) / Nobody's Perfect (UK): An outspoken American liberal wife (yes, she was American in the British version as well).
  • Steptoe And Son (UK)/Sanford and Son (US): The adventures of father and son junkyard merchants.
  • Aktenzeichen XY... Ungelöst ("File XY... Unsolved", Germany)/ Crimewatch UK (UK)/ America's Most Wanted (US): Enlisting millions of viewers to help find fugitives the police can't.
  • Family Feud (US) / Family Fortunes (UK) / Familienduell (Germany) / Une famille en or (France) / Vijf tegen Vijf: Game Show where two families try to guess the most popular answers to survey questions. Though the Dutch version eventually dropped the family aspect allowing collegues and other groups to participate.
  • Britain's Got Talent/America's Got Talent/Das Supertalent (Germany): Talent competition involving three judges who can buzz people off.
  • Golden Girls (US) / Brighton Belles (UK): Four older women share a house.
  • Mad About You (US) / Loved By You (UK): Newlywed couple in the big city.
  • The Hollywood Squares (US) / Celebrity Squares (UK): Quiz show with celebrities in a giant tic-tac-toe/noughts-and-crosses board.
  • Keep It In The Family (UK) / Too Close for Comfort (US)
  • Mind Your Language (UK) / What A Country (US)
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?: improvisational comedy (same format and similar games on both sides of The Pond)
    • Later series of the UK version were filmed in the US- if anything, it was probably just a change of host rather than a remake
  • Life On Mars (UK) / Life On Mars (US) / Present-day police detective is transported to 1973.
    • Spain had its own version, too, in which a cop is transported back to post-Franco Spain.
    • There is also a Russian version, but with an interesting twist; the modern-day cop is rough-and-ready, used to dealing with modern post-communism gangsters, whereas it the 1970's counterparts that are very much by-the-book, who are horrified by his "cowboy" tactics. Also the name was changed from Life On Mars, because David Bowie was largely unknown in Soviet Russia. Instead the series is called Dark Side of the Moon, because Pink Floyd did have an underground following there at that time.
  • Saturday Night Live (US) / Saturday Live and Friday Night Live (UK) / RTL Samstag Nacht (Germany) / SCTV (Canada): Subversive sketch show with young comedians.
  • Who's the Boss? (US) / The Upper Hand (UK): Male sportsman becomes housekeeper to successful businesswoman.
  • Eleventh Hour (UK) / Eleventh Hour (US): A scientist and a government agent solve cases of scientific advancements in the wrong hands.
  • Coupling (UK) / Coupling (US): Six friends are involved in ever-shifting (apart from the two leads) sexual relationships.
    • An interesting example of a round-trip. Coupling was loosely based off Friends (US), substituting London for New York City and making the interactions between the characters more sexual than the US (as relations indeed are that side of the pond). The US looked at the resulting Trans Atlantic Equivalent and said "let's copy that one" making it the first known copy of a copy of a copy, crossing the ocean TWICE.
    • There was also a Greek Coupling. According to Steven Moffat "It lasted longer than the American version, so shut up."
  • Everybody Loves Raymond (US) / Everybody Loves Kostya (Russia) : Creator Phil Rosenthal has a comedic documentary (Exporting Raymond) about the process.
  • Law & Order (US) / Law & Order: UK (UK) / Im Namen des Gesetzes (Germany): Cops and lawyers.
    • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit / Закон и порядок: отдел оперативных расследований (Russia): Similar format dealing with sex crimes.
    • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (US) / Paris Enquêtes Criminelles (France) / Закон и порядок: Преступный Умысел (Russia): Similar format dealing with high profile cases, and also showing the persepective of the criminals.
  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?? (US)/ Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old? (UK)/ Sei Più Bravo Di Un Ragazzino Di Quinta? (ITA) / Das weiß doch jedes Kind! (GER) / Jsi chytřejší než páťák? (CZE): Contestants answer questions against a panel of kids.
  • I've Got A Secret (US) /I've Got A Secret (UK)/ Please Guess My Secret (Japan): Unlike the UK versions of American Game Shows running at the time in the 50s/60s, the Japanese just created their own version with no assist from (or royalties to) Goodson Todman Productions.
  • Being Human (UK) / Being Human (Remake) (US): A ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire try to live together as normal people.
  • Het Huis Anubis (Netherlands) / Das Haus Anubis (Germany) / House of Anubis (US): A children's show about a group of friends trying to figure out a mystery their boarding school holds.
  • Skins (U.K.) / Skins (U.S.): Darker and Edgier teen drama.
  • Men Behaving Badly (U.K.) / Men Behaving Badly (U.S.) / It's A Man's World (U.S.): A sitcom about 'typical lads'.
  • Edge of Darkness (U.K.) / Edge of Darkness (U.S.): A conspiracy thriller about nuclear cover-ups. Incidentally, made by the same director, Martin Campbell.
  • This is Your Life (U.S.)/This is Your Life (U.K.)/This is Your Life (Australia): The host surprises its celebrity guest with a "book" taking them through their life and a host of people who have played important roles in the celebrity's life. Even though it originated as a concept in the U.S., it lasted for a much longer period of time in the U.K.
  • The Thick of It (UK) / Veep (US): The raw, seedy, spin-dominated, and Cluster F-Bomb-dominated side of politics, as seen from a Government Agency of Fiction (UK) or the Vice President's office (US).
  • Top Gear (UK) / Top Gear (US) / Top Gear (AUS): Three hosts chat about cars and driving them. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Expedition: Robinson (SWE) / Survivor (US)
  • Episodes is a series centered around the very concept.
  • Transcontinental variant: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (US)/ Mr. Dressup (Canada): Justified in that both stars worked together in a Canadian precursor of the former show before Rogers returned to the US and his understudy Ernie "Mr. Dressup" Coombs decided to stay and create his own show.
    • The U.S. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood even originated in Canada, debuting in 1963 on the CBC (including the trolley). So it's a show that started in Canada by an American, continued in the U.S., and also led to another similar show in Canada (hosted by an American-Canadian).
  • Jersey Shore (US) / Geordie Shore (UK) / The GC (NZ/AU)
  • Prime Suspect (UK) / Prime Suspect (US): Police Procedural about a no-nonsense female detective dealing with misogynistic colleagues.
    • The Closer (US) is sometimes considered an unofficial remake of Prime Suspect.
  • Doc Martin has its own equivalents in France, Germany, and other countries; these are virtually shot-for-shot remakes, but with added local flavor. Hart Of Dixie is a somewhat-similar US equivalent.
  • Match Game (US/Canada) / Blankety Blank (UK) / Blankety Blanks (Australia) / Atomes Crochus (Québec): two contestants match wits with 6 celebrities, filling in the blanks of often-risqué statements.
  • Nikita (France) / Point of No Return (US)
  • College Bowl (US) / University Challenge (UK): quiz show between teams of college students. The US version was based on the national championships of the College Bowl Quiz Bowl league, and the UK equivalent has since become a British institution.
  • Card Sharks (US) / Play Your Cards Right (UK): Players answer survey questions and then predict if the next in a line of cards is higher or lower than the previous card.
  • Sherlock (UK) / Elementary (US): modern-day adaptations of Sherlock Holmes. (Although the makers of Elementary are at pains that it isn't "Sherlock in America''.)
    • The reasoning for that is because, originally, that was the intent, but the creators of Sherlock refused. Instead, a more original American show was created. In fact, the creators of Sherlock maintain that Elementary isn't Sherlock Holmes at all.
  • The Chase (UK) and The Chase (US): A team of random strangers answers questions for money and have to get it away from the chaser. In both cases, the shows also star the same person; Mark Labbet. The only difference is that in the UK he's one of four chasers, and in the US he's only the one.
  • House of Cards (UK) / House of Cards (US)'': An unscrupulous politician manipulates everyone in a bid for power.
  • The Wire (US) / Love/Hate (Ireland): Crime drama focusing on both sides of the law. Bonus points for Aidan Gillen playing a major role in both shows.
  • That '70s Show (US)/ Days Like These (UK)
  • Midnight Special or Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (US) / Old Grey Whistle Test (UK): 1970s live rock music shows.
  • Hustle (UK)/ Leverage (US): Teams of con artists running stings on deserving targets.
  • Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (UK)/The Spoils Of Babylon (US): Spoof of 1980s TV, where a pompous, conceited hack writer introduces episodes of an inept, low-budget adaptation of his work.
  • The Borgias (Canada+Ireland)/ Borgia Faith And Fear (France+Germany): Historical dramas based on the Borgia family.
  • The Tudors (Canada+Ireland)/ Magnificent Century (Turkey)/ Isabel (Spain): Historical dramas set in the show's Renaissance court of choice.
  • Boardwalk Empire (US)/ Peaky Blinders (UK): 1920s gangster dramas.
  • Sirens (UK)/ Sirens (US): comedy/drama focusing on the lives of three ambulance-men and a policewoman.
  • Kath and Kim (Australia) / Kath and Kim (U.S.)
  • Porridge (UK) / On the Rocks (US): Career criminal helps a new inmate cope with life in prison.
  • Star Trek (US)/ Doctor Who (UK): Long running Sci-fi franchise with a huge following that has survived many changed of cast, built around an iconic interior and exterior space ship design, several recurring alien races and relies on visits to different Planet of Hats in each episode.




  • Margaret Thatcher (UK) / Ronald Reagan (US): 1980s New Right leaders
  • Tony Blair (UK) / Bill Clinton (US): 1990s Third Way leaders
  • George W. Bush (US) / David Cameron (UK) / John Howard (AU) / Stephen Harper (CA) / John Key (NZ) / Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel): post-Third Way conservatives
  • Dennis Kucinich (US) / Ken Livingstone (UK): left-wing figureheads
  • Republican Party (US) / Conservative Party (UK): Center-right political parties.
  • Democratic Party (US) / Labour Party (UK): Center-left political parties.



  • Oop North (U.K.) / Deep South (U.S.) note 


  • Axe (U.S.) / Lynx (U.K.): body care products
  • Buick (U.S.) / Vauxhall (U.K.) / Opel (rest of Europe) / Holden (Aus/NZ): motor vehicles
  • Exxon gasoline (U.S.) / Esso petroleum (U.K. and everywhere else)
  • Good Humor (U.S.) / Wall's (U.K.): ice cream and novelty products.
  • Lays potato chips (U.S.) / Walker's potato crisps (U.K.)
  • Schick (U.S.) / Wilkinson Sword (U.K.): shaving products
  • Wendy's (U.S.) / Wimpy's (U.K.): hamburger chains.
  • Southwest or JetBlue (U.S.) / Ryanair or easyJet (U.K.): Low-fare airlines.
  • Barneys or Nordstrom (U.S.) / Harrods (U.K.): Upscale department stores.
  • Another transcontinental variant: Tim Hortons (Canada) / Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme (U.S.): Doughnut and coffee chains.
    • Another level of transcontinentalism, Dunkin' Donuts is from the Northeast, Krispy Kreme is from the south.
    • And the UK equivalent would likely be Greggs, though they focus far more on pastries than coffee.
  • Starbucks (U.S.) / Costa Coffee (U.K.): "Gourmet" coffee chains.
  • Taster's Choice (US) / Nescafé Gold (UK): "Gourmet" instant coffees made by Nestlé, both featuring long-running ad campaigns featuring Anthony Head.
  • Walmart (US) / Tesco (UK) / Carrefour (France): "Big-box" general merchandise stores.
    • Interestingly, Walmart owns ASDA, one of Tesco's main competitors in the UK.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons (US) / Warhammer (UK) / Das Schwarze Auge (Germany)

  • New York Yankees (US) / Arsenal F.C. (UK): Historically dominant franchise based in the nation's largest city.
  • Boston Red Sox (US) / Liverpool F.C. (UK): Red-clad port city team with passionate, long-suffering fanbase. More or less made official when the parent company of the Sox bought Liverpool in 2010.
  • St. Louis Cardinals (US) / Manchester United (UK): Venerable franchise located in the middle of the country, with several periods of dominance over the last century.
  • Chicago Cubs (US) / Sheffield Wednesday (UK): Tradition-steeped franchise with historic home stadium, decades of futility.
  • Baseball (US) / Cricket (ENG, but not UK): Summer bat-and-ball games, with deep traditional roots that tend to invoke nostalgia.
  • Eclipse Awards (US) / Cartier Awards (Europe including the UK): Thoroughbred horse racing end-of-season awards.

  • The New York Times (US) / The Guardian (UK): Left-leaning daily national papers.
  • The New York Post (US) / The Sun (UK): Right-leaning tabloids owned by Rupert Murdoch.
  • The Wall Street Journal (US) / Financial Times (UK): Finance-based papers.

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