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Series: Rainbow
Long-running UK kids' show, intended to be the British equivalent of Sesame Street, which, for the bulk of its long-running time, centered around puppets Zippy (a creature with a zipper for a mouth) and George (a camp hippopotamus), as well as a bear named Bungle and their human caretaker Geoffrey. It started airing in 1972, and ended in 1992, followed by two spinoffs.

Many non-European viewers know the show for its infamous "twangers" episode which consisted of a half hour of proceedingly less veiled double entendres about the sexual escapades of the cast. The episode never actually aired as part of the show and was put together at a production party as a private joke, but has since migrated its way to YouTube and other such online video sites. Zippy and George also appeared on The Weakest Link.

Rainbow provides examples of:

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