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Creator: George Orwell
George Orwell reporting for the Ministry of Tru... I mean the BBC.

"If Saint Thomas More was the first Englishman, as one historian called him, then Orwell was perhaps the last."
Paul Potts

Real name Eric Blair, George Orwell (June 25, 1903 — January 21, 1950) was one of the most influential authors in the English language.

A democratic socialist all his life, but his views changed somewhat over time and his dislike of Soviet communism was very clear. Orwell, a journalist, participated in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the Republicans, serving in the party militia of the P.O.U.M. or Party of Marxist Worker's Unificationnote , and even got shot in the throat (an experience that he would go on to describe as "interesting"). His works tend to be considered cynical. The term "Orwellian" is named after his famous works of dystopian fiction, particularly 1984.note 

His most famous works are:

Orwell created the following tropes:

Several additional tropes were inspired by Newspeak, including:

George Orwell is the source of several trope names:

He is also the current mascot for the "Have A Nice Cup Of Tea And Sit Down" page. He considered tea to be Serious Business. Spot of Tea, indeed.

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