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Rare Ltd., is a Twycross-based (though they started in Ashby-de-la-Zouch) video game development company founded by Chris and Tim Stamper in 1982. They're famous for their pioneering of sophisticated technology to make video games, the sheer amount of crap they get past the radar, the idiosyncratic little mysteries they weave into their games that leave gamers pondering for decades, and their media-shy nature.

They've created some games for the ZX Spectrum, for which they attained most of their early fame (as "Ultimate Play the Game"), and then for Nintendo, for which they earned their second wave of fame, but have since moved on to working under Microsoft.

Games developed/published by Ashby Computers and Graphics/Ultimate Play the Game:

  • Jetpac
    • Lunar Jetman
  • Atic Atac
  • Tranz Am
  • Cookie
  • The Sabreman series
  • Alien 8
  • Nightshade
  • Cyberun
  • Gunfright
  • Martianoids
  • Bubbler
  • The Staff of Karnath
    • Entombed
    • Blackwyche
    • Dragonskulle
  • Outlaws
  • Imhotep

Games developed/published by Rare (1985-2003):

Games developed by Rare, a subsidiary of Microsoft:

Tropes associated with Rare:

  • Creator Thumbprint: Keys. Enormous keys, bigger and heavier than the characters, the most famous being the infamous ice key from Banjo-Kazooie / Banjo Tooie. Both Diddy Kong Racing and Donkey Kong 64 feature gigantic gold keys as plot coupons; finding or using a key is always a momentous occasion. Atic Atac was all about finding the four small(ish - they're the same size as a wrench) keys that unlocked the doors to find the ACG Master Key, a gold key that took up your entire inventory.
  • Executive Meddling: Even former employees agree that Microsoft's micro-management of the company has hurt their business. To contrast, Rare made tons of games under Nintendo, yet it has probably only made about ten or fewer games for the entirety of their Microsoft ownership. Prior to Kinect Sports and the restructuring, Rare made just as many games for Nintendo's portable consoles as it did for Microsoft's home consoles.
    • Star Fox Adventures was originally going to be Rare's original IP called Dinosaur Planet, and for the N64. However, early in development, Shigeru Miyamoto saw the notes, noticed the main character looked similar to Fox McCloud, and convinced them to make it a Star Fox game for the Gamecube instead. This would be the last game they made before leaving Nintendo.
  • Funny Animal: Often sporting Heroic Builds (the Battletoads, their take on Donkey Kong, Kremlings, etc.).
  • Follow the Leader: It cannot be denied that Rare had a tendency to play to the trends, exploring the same genres and tropes as other games, usually from Nintendo, that had recently been successful. Donkey Kong Country followed Super Mario World. Banjo-Kazooie followed Super Mario 64. Diddy Kong Racing followed Mario Kart. Killer Instinct followed Mortal Kombat. This was evident even before Donkey Kong Country as Battletoads followed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craze. While they have been making an effort to avoid this during their Microsoft years, the Xbox Live Avatars blatantly imitate Miis.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: The trend started in the Donkey Kong Country series, where progressively more and more items were needed to attain 100% Completion. Later, Banjo-Kazooie, while a great game, had a rather large number of collectibles. Finally, Donkey Kong 64 took things Up to Eleven.

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Ultimate Play The Game